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How to Make Money as a Tutor [Top Private and Online Ways]

How to Make Money as a Tutor

At times, it can seem as though there just isn’t enough money in the world and this means that we settle with our income from one job and forgo the finer things in life. However, the closer you look, the more opportunities you find to make money. So far, we have already been through some great examples of this and we have another today in the shape of tutoring.

Tutoring – Make Money Online or At Home

Nowadays, more and more children are heading off to college because it is more easily accessible than it has ever been. With this in mind, it means that many parents are hiring tutors to help their children from a young age. From English to Math, Science to Music, tutors are being hired all across the nation. Furthermore, there are also tutors that provide specific exam help to prepare them in ways that aren’t available through general revision.

In case you haven’t noticed so far, this is where you come in because you can lend your skills to adults and children that need a little extra help outside of school hours. With the addition of the internet, tutoring has become a flexible job, meaning that you could do it as well as a main job. Before we give you two great examples of sites you can utilize to get started, we will take you through the benefits and drawbacks of tutoring.

Benefits of Tutoring

  • First, flexibility is huge nowadays and tutoring has this in abundance. To start, you could have one student that you see on a weekly basis. Then, if you have enough time and feel ready, you could take on a second student or increase the tutoring of the first. Ultimately, many do this as a full-time job so this could also be considered if you are particularly skilled within the role.
  • Perhaps most importantly, you get to set your own rates. Remember, there will be a few costs such as printing worksheets and preparing a syllabus but they will be minimal. As long as these are covered, you can then decide what you want to charge. At first, you should start at a modest fee until you build experience and a reputation and then you can consider higher rates.
  • If you are skilled in one particular subject, you can just stick to this. Whether it is a language or any of the core subjects, you are free to lend your skills wherever you think best. As well as subjects that are taught at schools, many parents also hire tutors to help with homework so this could be an area in which you exceed.
  • In a little while, we are going to show you two examples of sites online that you can make the most of and this is huge. As the internet continues to grow, more opportunities are becoming available and this includes online tutoring. If you offer your services via Skype or any other video sharing platform, you could essentially tutor anyone in the country. Rather than being limited to locations within driving distance, you have a much wider potential customer base to target.
  • Finally, what kind of review would this be if we didn’t mention the pay? As you build experience and a reputation, you can increase your rate but even if you offer your services for $15 an hour to start, this is still nearly $800 a year for just one hour a week. Eventually, you could end up with a rate of $25, $40, and even $50 an hour. If you manage to reach the luxury market and charge $50 an hour, that’s an extra $2,600 for one hour a week.

Potential Drawbacks

  • When tutoring, you have to realize that you are a luxury expense which means that, when times get rough, you will be one of the first things to get cut. Back in 2008 during the global crisis, the tutoring scene collapsed somewhat because fewer parents could afford the help.
  • Secondly, this drawback very much depends on whether you plan to have this as a second source of money or as your main source of income. Because kids will be in school throughout the day, it isn’t uncommon to have no work until 3pm and then have three or more bookings until 8/9pm. If you have work during the day, this is fine but if it will be your main source of income, you will have to get used to odd working hours.
  • Also, you would never be able to translate a $40 an hour service into a full-time salary. Often, people think that they can just multiply $40 by eight hours a day and five days a week but it doesn’t work like this. If you are traveling around to people’s homes, you need to allow for the saying goodbye, getting paid, and then traveling to the next job.
  • Furthermore, there will also be some unpaid work included such as preparing lessons. Because every student will be unique in their ability, you will need to cater a curriculum around their skills to see the most progress.
  • It can also be inconsistent during the holidays and with people cancelling appointments on the day of the tutoring session itself. Over time, this can be frustrating and it just means that you are losing valuable income.
  • As we have said previously, there are more parents looking for tutors than ever before so there shouldn’t ever be a problem finding customers. Strangely, tutoring is one of the rare industries where retention of customers seems to be harder than finding new ones. Sometimes, students will get bored or you will complete the mission so you are no longer required. In this light, it is much like driving instructors because there are always people looking to learn but once a client has passed their test, the job is no longer there.

On the whole, these drawbacks are fairly small compared to the benefits and many of them don’t apply if you’re looking for a little side income. Perhaps above all else, tutoring can be fun and rewarding and this is the important thing to remember. As promised, we now have two examples of sites that will help get you started.

Tutor.com Review

Simple by name, simple by nature as Tutor will allow you to sign up and start earning money from home. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or just need a little extra income when you get home from work and don’t want the stress of a second job, Tutor.com offers you the chance of tutoring online.

Essentially, all you need is a laptop or computer and an internet connection and you can get started. As far as expenses go, this is fairly minimal considering you probably have the two items required in place anyway. After signing up to the site, they will put you in contact with students that require help in the subjects that you have selected. Using a secure platform, you can get started and help them in their journey to great grades.

Among the many great benefits, flexibility is a huge feature for this site as they allow you to state your schedule ahead of time. If you only have certain days that you can offer your services, you can create your own schedule to suit you. Even if you don’t know ahead of time, the site also offers the chance to just pick up sessions as and when.

University Tutor Review

University Tutor is a site that is available all around the world and you can register as a tutor while having the choice to teach online or in person. If online, you will have access to students across the country and if in person, this will hone in on your particular location. In truth, there will always be parents looking for both so you should choose the one that suits you best.

After signing up, you get to set your own rate starting at $10 and going all the way up to $250 an hour. Perhaps surprisingly, University Tutor takes nothing of the money that is earned so you will keep 100% of your fee. With other sites, you have to charge a slightly higher amount because they will take a percentage but this isn’t the case here.

As you build up some positive reviews, your profile will become more popular over time and you will be able to increase your rate. As well as searching for requests that people have posted, University Tutor will also send you jobs on a regular basis.


As you can see, tutoring can be a brilliant, flexible way to earn extra money. With this in mind, there is no excuse for skipping affordable life insurance because you ‘don’t have enough money’. With this source of income, you can live more comfortably and feel rewarded once you see progress in your students!

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