How to Become a Mystery Shopper

how to become a mystery shopper

If you want to learn how to become a mystery shopper, then this article is for you. We see mystery shopping as a great way to earn a quick buck each month. If you become a mystery shopper, you’ll get paid for doing something you love!

Become a Mystery Shopper

and Make Money Doing Something You Love!

If you want to become a mystery shopper, the best place to start is online. There are a lot of mystery shopping opportunities on various websites. However, you also have to be able to spot a scam when you see one.

Here are some tips to avoid scammers:

  1. Becoming a mystery shopper does not require any investment. Sometimes you’ll see things online that say “How to Become a Mystery Shopper” and then later on in the article they ask you to send some money to get the job. These are not legitimate mystery shopping gigs. Also, beware of people who tell you to “mystery shop” a bank’s online banking system, money transfers, or payment platforms like Paypal by sending money. Even if the people tell you they will send your payment back – don’t do it! Charging money is a big red flag for any scam!
  2. Do not give your personal information. You do not have to give any kind of employer your Social security number or other personal details until you’ve made $600 or more. If someone asks you for your private info right away, then do not give it.

Professional Organizations

If you want to be a mystery shopper, then it’s best to work for a company that is a member of any of these professional organizations:

  • Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Coalition
  • Mystery Shopping Providers Association
  • International Association of Service Evaluators
  • National Association for Retail Marketing Services

You can then do further research on the mystery shopping company you plan to work with to see what other people have to say about it. If you want to make a sizeable amount of money as a mystery shopper, then you will probably have to sign up with multiple mystery shopping companies.

How much Money Can a Mystery Shopper Make?

Just like with any job, before you become a mystery shopper, you’re probably wonder how much money can a mystery shopper make? That’s a great question. Like with most things, the amount of money you make as a mystery shopper will determine how much you make. Someone who does multiple shops a day will make much more than someone who does a few shops a week.

How Much Do Mystery Shoppers Get Paid?

This is the real question we need to answer. Mystery shoppers get paid per shop. And since your job is to shop, the mystery shopping company may offer you some spending cash to shop. On average, mystery shoppers get paid between $5-20 per shopping experience. The shopping allowance will vary depending on the type of shop you are evaluating.

How Does Mystery Shopping Work?

The mystery shopping company will tell you what to shop for, and what kind of conversation to have with the sales staff. For example, they may tell you to visit a coffee shop, order a coffee with special instructions, and ask for a second drink recommendation for your friend.

You then go to the store and improvise the scenario! Since the goal is to make sure the employees do not know you are a mystery shopper, you have to act normal while discretely collecting information such as the name of the employee so you can fill out the online survey later.

Do you get to keep the products you buy?

Yes and no. Usually, mystery shopping companies will ask you to ship them big ticket items like jewelry, watches, and electronics. However, if the items are smaller, like clothing or food, you can keep it. If you are allowed to keep an item, you could even consider returning it for some extra cash.

What is Field Agent App?

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Where can I find the Field Agent App website?

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