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Google Opinion Rewards App Review.

Google Opinion Rewards App Review

If you think your opinion is valuable, and you don’t mind completing online surveys during your spare time, downloading the Google Opinion Rewards app to your smartphone or tablet may per a perfect way to for you to make money fast.

That said however…

We don’t want to get you too excited by thinking that the Google Opinion Rewards app is going to let you quit your day job and become a self employed tycoon.  In fact, the Google Opinion Rewards App probably won’t even be able to take the place of a part time job either.

But if you keep expectations in check…

We believe that the Google Opinion Rewards App can be a great way to help you make few bucks on the side and become a great money saving app for you particularly if you are already a current user Google Play App user.

And that’s the catch…

You see, in order to “redeem” your “cash” earnings that you receive by completing surveys using the Google Opinion Rewards app, you must redeem them at the Google Play Store which could be a deal breaker for some.

But before we get….

Too far ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the beginning and first describe exactly what the Google Opinion Rewards app is and how it works so that you’ll be able to determine for yourself it using it will make any sense for you!

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is an app made by Google to get your opinions – i.e. to get more data on you. Now we all know that Google has tons of ways to gather information about you – so you’re really not “sacrificing” all that much privacy by completing these surveys the only difference now is that at least you’re getting something back in return… right?

Basically, you tell your opinion about things and Google Opinion Rewards gives you “money/Google Store credit” in exchange.

How long does it take to complete a survey?

This can vary person to person, survey to survey, but most are around 1-2 minutes long, sometimes less. In exchange for this, you can earn up to $1. That’s pretty good for a minute’s work!

How do you access surveys?

Google Opinion Rewards sends you the surveys to take. Unfortunately, this means you can’t really do unlimited amount of work, which is one of the major drawbacks when you think about it, because some people only get 6-7 surveys a month. And while that means you’ll be doing less than 10 minutes of work a month, it also means you’ll be earning less than $8 a month from the app.


If you think about it “earning” $8.00 bucks for 10 minutes of work is a pretty good “hourly” wage and hey at the end of the day, $8.00 in your pocket is still $8.00 and given the fact that you didn’t have to work super hard for it is even better (See passive income ideas).

The good news is that…

You may get way more surveys. There are some people who do get access to a lot of surveys per week. Those people are lucky enough to make $100 a month or more. We’re just trying to prepare you for the realistic scenario that you may very well not be one of those people.

But like we said before there’s the catch…

To using the Google Opinion Rewards app.  Which is, you do earn money for each survey…but that money is actually a Google Play credit. That means you can only spend your money in the Google Play store. So, if you are currently “spend” zero dollars a month in the Google Play store, this app could be a total waste of time for you.

After all…

You’ll be earning credits for something you don’t use or even have a need for. The only option would be to start consuming Google Play products – but that could be totally counterproductive particularly if you’re trying to use the Google Opinion Reward app as an money making app to begin with!

But before you immediately decide…

That you don’t want to earn any “Google Play” dollars you really ought to check out the Google Play App out as well because they offer a ton of items that you may already by purchasing elsewhere.  And if this is the case, the Google Opinion Rewards App may actually be a pretty decent app for you.

Items that might interest you at the “Google Play” store may include, music, movies and TV shows as well as other Apps for your smart phone or tablet.
And it goes without saying that…

If you are someone who already uses Google Play quite often, the Google Opinion Rewards App is probably going to be a great money saving app for you from here on out.

So, is the Google Opinion Rewards app worth it?

Well it depends.  One thing it’s got going for it, is that it’s FREE, so you don’t have to pay to become a MEMBER in order to participate.

And, if you calculate the amount of time you spend on a survey for the amount you get in Google Play credit, it’s actually a pretty good deal. You’re making quite a bit for the amount of time you actually need to dedicate to the surveys!  So for some, the Google Opinion Rewards apps can be a great way to limit your spending (or wipe it out entirely) on Google Play.

But like we said before…

The Google Opinion Reward app isn’t going to be a good way to make a substantial amount of income.  So just be sure to recognize it for what it is, then of course Google Opinion Rewards is worth it! You’ll be rewarded for sure!

Now… Why is TermLife2Go writing a review for Google Opinion Rewards?

Whenever you read a review article like this, it’s always a good idea to understand why the author is taking the time to write it.  Particularly in a situation like this where it’s a life insurance brokerage writing a review on an app that can be put on your phone!  So, let us take a moment to explain.


TermLife2Go does not receive any compensation from Google for recommending the Google Opinion Rewards apps to our readers.  We here at TermLife2Go honestly don’t care one way or another if you decide to use the Google Opinion Rewards app.

Our motivation is simple…

Here at TermLife2Go, we speak with folks all the time who are looking to purchase a life insurance policy and in many cases, these individuals may not be able to purchase a traditional term life insurance or whole life insurance policy either because they currently can’t qualify for coverage or because they can’t afford the coverage that they are looking for (Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click here Term Life Insurance Quotes).

And in some cases…

Particularly when an individual is living on a fixed budget, the reason why they can’t afford an insurance policy is because they simply aren’t able to find the extra $10 to $20 dollars a month that it would take to be able make their payments.

Which leaves us with two options…

We would simply tell these folks to give us a call when they can afford their coverage and hang up with them, or we could suggest that they read some of our articles about “making money” and “saving money” online so that hopefully one day later on, they’ll be able to afford the coverage that they are looking for.

Now will these folks…

Who are successful decide to use the money they earned or saved to purchase a life insurance policy to protect their loved ones?  Probably not, but some might which is why we wrote these “types” of articles and continue to try and help people earn more and save more in the future.

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