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Getting Life Insurance When You Have a Pacemaker

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August 07, 2015

Millions of people worldwide have pacemakers which help them live their everyday lives to the fullest. A pacemaker doesn’t normally impact normal activity. But it impact your life insurance eligibility and enter you into the high risk life insurance category.

What is a pacemaker?

A person with abnormal heart rhythms such as arrhythmia might get a device put in their chest or upper abdomen to help regulate their heartbeat. This device is a pacemaker. It works by sending electrical impulses to the heart, making its beats stay normal.

It is important for a person to maintain a normal heartbeat because each beat sends blood to the rest of the body. If the beat is inconsistent then it could cause problems with the blood flow, leading to organ damage or even death.

Who gets a pacemaker?

A pacemaker can be put inside of any person with irregular heartbeats or a heart condition. This includes people who have:

A pacemaker can be put in a person for the rest of their life or for a temporary period of time. In the case of transient heart block, the pacemaker is normally a temporary solution to heartbeat irregularity.

The pacemaker itself is a treatment option for a health problem. The health problem is usually of greater interest to the insurance company than simply the pacemaker. Life insurance companies always want to know about your health and how it will impact your longevity. Pacemakers themselves are generally not a big deal; we live in a scientifically advanced world and solutions like pacemakers actually increase---not decrease---our life span.

Still, a life insurance company will definitely ask you about the pacemaker. Some of the questions they will ask you might include:

  • Why do you need a pacemaker?
  • When was it first placed inside of you?
  • Have you ever had any complications with your pacemaker and/or had to have it adjusted or replaced?
  • Are you on any other treatment related to your heart health?
  • How often do you visit a cardiologist?
  • Have you experienced any chest pains lately?
  • What other medications do you take (not for your heart, but that could have a negative impact on the impulses of our pacemaker)?

These questions will help a life insurance company to get a better understanding of your specific situation. Life insurance companies realize that life insurance policies aren’t one-size-fits-all. Every person with a pacemaker has their own unique story—life insurance companies issue a policy based on your specific condition, needs, and lifestyle.

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Will a life insurance company underwrite a policy for someone with a pacemaker?

The pacemaker alone is not likely to make a life insurance company deny you a policy. In fact, it could increase your chances of getting a policy than if you were simply living with a neglected heart issue. However, it is still up to a life insurance company whether or not to underwrite a life insurance policy for you.

Though all of the above listed questions will matter, your life insurance policy rate will likely largely depend on a few things:

  • Your current health condition
  • The reason for your pacemaker

Pacemakers usually help people live normal, healthy lives. However, if you are the rare instance in which a pacemaker seems to not be doing the trick and you are still riddled with heart problems, then you may face a high premium—or possibly even be denied a life insurance policy. If you’re in relatively good health, but are using a pacemaker because you have a congenital heart block, then it’s likely you’ll get approved at a premium. For those with more advanced health issues you may need to consider burial life insurance from among the best burial insurance or final expense insurance companies.

What if I have been previously rejected for life insurance?

If you have previously tried to apply for a life insurance policy, but were denied because of your pacemaker, then we have good news. If you have been relatively healthy and had no incidences since the time when you last applied, your chances of approval are probably higher today than they were before. Life insurance companies like to see that your pacemaker works; that’s why it’s easier to get life insurance approval after living a healthy life with a pacemaker for a year than it is trying to apply for life insurance a few weeks after your operation.

How do I know which pacemaker friendly life insurance company is right for me?

Living with a pacemaker means that your heart isn’t as stellar as it once was, and there is no need to tax it even further by trying to navigate your way through the dozens upon dozens of life insurance companies in the market. You want the best possible life insurance company offering the best types of life insurance policies for a person with a pacemaker in your specific situation. So why not turn to TermLife2Go?

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