Getting Life Insurance Coverage with Cholangitis.

Every once in a while, well get a call from someone who has been diagnosed with cholangitis wondering if their diagnosis is going to have any effect on their life insurance application.

And since we’ve received…

More than our fair share of these calls we figured it’s probably about time for us to take a moment and write a short article outlining what one should expect when applying for life insurance with a pre-existing condition such as cholangitis.

So… Let’s get to it!

About Cholangitis

Cholangitis is a bacterial infection of the bile ducts that move bile from the liver to the intestine.  This infection is usually caused by some type of blockage that first occurs within the bile duct that then allows an infection to set in.

Common causes of such blockages may include:  gallbladder stones, tumors, blood clots, a swelling of the pancreas or from a parasite infection.

Symptoms of Cholangitis

The most common symptoms someone with cholangitis experiences, includes:

  • Discolored urine (dark in color)
  • Vomiting
  • Jaundice
  • Fever
  • Chills

What happens if you don’t get treated for cholangitis?

If you do not get treatment, then cholangitis could be deadly.

Treatment options for Cholangitis

Since most cases of cholangitis will be caused by a bacterial infection, the most common type of treatment will be the administration of antibiotics.  That being said however, surgical treatments may be necessary in order to treat the “root” cause of ones’ cholangitis which is why even though in most cases cholangitis is a pretty straight forward, non-serious medical condition, at times, it can be a condition in which insurance companies can become quite nervous about.

The good news is that…

If you’ve been diagnosed with cholangitis and you get the proper treatment for it, you’re probably not going to suffer from any significant issues.  As a result, once your current health is demonstrated to the insurance companies, there should be a very good chance that you’ll still be eligible to qualify for a Preferred or Preferred Plus rate class.

Getting Life Insurance with Cholangitis

As you can see, getting life insurance coverage with cholangitis doesn’t have to be a big deal – especially if you get medical treatment.

But this doesn’t mean that you may not “potentially” run into some issues, particularly if, your cholangitis was caused by a more serious such as a tumor or blood clot.

For most people an ordinary life insurance policy will be the right choice.

However, if you have a moderate to severe health condition, simplified issue life insurance might be the best option.

Finally, for those who have serious medical conditions, guaranteed issue life insurance might be your only choice.

So… what caused your condition?

If you’re not 100% sure that’s not a problem, but what you’re going to find is that most life insurance companies are going to ask a series of questions designed to learn more about your current health status and may also inquire into why you may have contracted cholangitis.

Questions such as:

  • How old are you?
  • What is your current height and weight?
  • When where you originally diagnosed with cholangitis?
  • Was your doctor able to determine why you developed cholangitis?
  • What medications were prescribed to treat your cholangitis?
  • Did you require surgery to treat your cholangitis?
  • Did you need to stay in a hospital over night as a result your cholangitis?
  • How many times have you suffered from cholangitis?
  • Have you been diagnosed with any other medical conditions other than cholangitis?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, stroke or diabetes?
  • Are you currently taking any prescription medications?
  • In the past 12 months, have you used any tobacco or nicotine products?

From here, the insurance companies will generally have a pretty good idea about what type of life insurance policy you should be eligible for as well as what “rate” you may or may not qualify for as well.

And, as a general rule of thumb…

What you’re typically going to find is that those who have been diagnosed with cholangitis, and have fully recovered from their infection, it should be possible to be able to qualify for a Preferred or Preferred Plus rate.

However, if your cholangitis was caused by some other more serious medical condition, chances are the insurance underwriter is going to spend very little time asking you about your cholangitis and instead will be much more focused on that “underlying” medical condition.

But here’s the trick…

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