FOAP App Review… Great way to make extra money or a complete waste of time?

FOAP Review

Do you like taking photos just about everywhere you go?  Is your phone memory constantly filling up with hundreds, even thousands of photos?  Or maybe your friends have just started calling you “MegaPixel”.

And the end of the day…

It really doesn’t matter because you’ve found something that you love to do and now with the internet, your passion could turn itself into a great way to make money fast or a perfect part time job  or self employed job on the side.

And since…

Your probably not all that interested in spending too much time trying to find someone to pay you to just take a photo or two, we figured we ought to include the FOAP app in our Best Money Making Apps review article because it is so easy to use and because just about anyone nowadays can take a great photo just buy using their latest smart phone!

So, without further ado, let’s take a moment and briefly introduce the FOAP review for you here in this article so that you can better decided if the FOAP app photo leasing app is the right app for you.

What is the FOAP app?  And how does it work?

The FOAP app is an app that can be downloaded to any iOS or Android smart phone where you can simply upload all your photos and allow the FOAP to “sell” them for you. You do not need a professional camera (though of course it can’t hurt) – most of the time an iPhone or Google Pixel phone will do the trick.

History of Foap.

Foap was founded by Alexandra Bylund and David Los. The company first started in 2011 and it has raised around $2.3 million in seed money. The last count has the Foap team consists of 23 members.

How does it work?

All you have to do is sign up for Foap and start uploading your photos. You write a description to go with each photo that makes it possible for brands and individuals to find your photos.  So think about it, if you’re taking these photos anyways, and you don’t mind sharing them with the world, FOAP can become a great passive income idea to consider.

License setting.

You can choose how you want to license your photos. As the content creator this gives you more control over your original photography and allow you to place limitations on how your photos might be used.

Promote Your Photos.

You can get more business by promoting your own photos to your social media community or the Foap community. The more you sell, the more followers you get, and again the more you sell.

Earning Potential.

Foap will give you, the photographer, $5 for each photo sold. Got a money shot? Well, that photo can be sold and resold dozens of times. Imagine if one snap earns you a few hundreds of dollars? Okay, this isn’t the most likely scenario…but it could happen!


Foap pays photographers once a month via PayPal.

Realistically how much will you earn with Foap?
Really, this is hard to say because it depends on a lot of variables:

  • How good are your photos?
  • Are you taking photos of things that are in demand?
  • How is your community growing?
  • How often do you upload new photos?
  • Are you advertising your own photos in anyway?

All of these things will make a huge difference in the amount of money you make. But, let’s suppose you upload good photos that are pretty desirable. It won’t be that hard to earn $100 a month. You’ll only have to have your photos bought 25 times. This is definitely achievable!

Downfalls to Foap.

It’s a great company so there aren’t that many downfalls. The main one, however, is just that there is a lot of content out there. If you’re a good photographer and have a knack for marketing, this won’t be daunting. However, if you’re a very novice photographer just clicking with no discretion, this might not be the best way for you to earn extra money each month. But then again, it’s still worth a try, right?

Seller beware…

Another potential downside is that once you “sell” your photo, you need to understand that that new “owner” will be able to use this photo however he or she wants based on the limitations within the FOAP user rights.

Which means that…

You may have a great photo of yourself at the beach, which could then be used to sell a product that you’re not so thrilled about, or that you don’t endorse in any way.  This “issue” of course can be easily be avoided by simply not submitting an “personal” photographs.

Which brings us to…

“why is a life insurance brokerage writing an review article about a photo sharing app?”

Which is a great question!  And one that we’re more than happy to answer.  You see, here at TermLife2Go, our primary goal is to help improve the financial security of all of our clients.  And while we personally fee that a life insurance policy is a great way to do this (Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click here Term Life Insurance Quotes) we understand that not all folks will be able to qualify for coverage or be able to afford the coverage that they need right now.

So instead of…

Just saying “sorry” call us when can qualify or afford a policy, we prefer to try and point these “future” clients in a direction which may still potentially help their current financial situation.

Now will the FOAP app make you independently wealthy and solve all of your financial worries? 

No, but short of winning the lottery, few things will.

Which bring us to the last two issues we want to address.

First, we here at TermLife2Go, are not associated with the FOAP app at all.  Nor do we receive any type of monetary compensation by the folks who own the FOAP app.  So, if you decide to try it out and it works for you, Great!  If not, no worries, we’re only suggesting that you take a look at it because it “seems” like an app that could really help some folks save some money.


We here at TermLife2Go are not financial experts.  All we are is a bunch of life insurance agents who care about their clients and who just happen to be really good at helping folks qualify for the best life insurance.  So, if you have any specific “finance” questions, we’re not the guys to talk to.  For questions like that, please be sure to seek out a financial expert.



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