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Top 15 Dream Jobs for Adults

top 10 best dream jobs

We all had our dream jobs growing up. I remember a Far Side cartoon my mom clipped that showed a boy playing video games and his parents imagining the future wants ads: “Wanted: video game expert”.

Whether you wanted to be a dancer, a singer, an actor or an astronaut, we all had our childhood dreams jobs. I think at one time I wanted to be a famous archeologist like Indiana Jones.

Unfortunately, many of our childhood dream jobs don’t exist or pay very little. But we thought we would put together a fun article focused on dream jobs for adults.

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Top 15 Best Dream Jobs

#1: Voice-Over Artist

If you have a distinct voice, did you know there could be voice-over work available for you? Nowadays, the opportunities are more widespread than ever before and this is thanks to the internet. Previously, those who wanted to be a voice-over artist would have to get an agent or blindly approach marketing companies in charge of creating ads to become one of their trusted actors/actresses.

Today, the industry is completely different and you can get started with a microphone in your living room. Through sites like Fiverr and other freelance websites, you can create a profile for yourself and advertise your skills for radio/online ads or even work in film. Once you get a reputation, more people will be interested in your services.

As well as being fun, this job is rewarding too because you can tell all your friends about how they can hear your voice on a current ad. Although no qualifications are required for this role, you can attend courses and this will improve your chances of landing gigs.

#2: Archaeologist

Did you ever watch Jurassic Park and wonder how amazing it would be to discover the bone of an old dinosaur from millions of years ago? Perhaps you dreamed of discovering the remains of an old city in some faraway country? Well, the role you’re interested in is called an ‘archaeologist’ and it’s one of the dream jobs you can choose within science.

Within this career, you’ll be doing something different every day whether it’s as part of a museum team, helping with preservation or conservation, or even on an expedition/research trip abroad. In truth, there are several routes you can choose in the niche depending on your interest. While some want to continue discovering, others want to teach what we already know and it’s up to you which field you choose.

Depending on the role, you might need to study but you’ll learn more as you research. Ultimately, there are people who made their dreams come true in archaeology and you can do the same.

#3: Ethical Hacker

Before we go any further with this suggestion, we should point out the word ‘ethical’ before ‘hacker’ so we aren’t encouraging you to do anything against the law. Instead, if you’ve always enjoyed testing yourself against computers, there could be a role within security firms. In order to test the strength of a particular website, secure file, or database, companies will often hire ethical hackers to see if they can gain access. If they can, more security needs to be added before entering a second phase of testing.

In addition to this, the government is known for hiring these types of services to test their security. As long as you have experience, as well as some form of qualification within the IT industry, you can help to protect our great country by using your computer knowledge.

#4: Hollywood Stunt Person

‘There’s no way he just did that jump; you could see it wasn’t them’ – we often call out actors and movies when the scene cuts away and it’s a different person jumping from roof to roof. Although there are some actors who’ll do their own stunts, such as Tom Cruise, most will use a professional stunt person and this is a job you could do. If you’re athletic, have always been happy to take risky jumps, and enjoy performing different stunts, you could have a career in Hollywood.

Of course, you won’t just be jumping from one building to the next all day because stunt people also take punches, explosions, and various other scenes that have the potential to harm the main actors/actresses. Much like the archaeology, you’ll be doing something different every day and it beats sitting behind a computer every day, right?

#5: Zoologist

If you were to go into a classroom and ask the students whether they liked animals, you’d see nearly every hand raised to the ceiling; many of these would want a career in helping animals too and you may have had this as one of your dream jobs as a child. While this might not surprise you given the topic of this guide, it’s an attainable dream these days.

Whether you want to work in a zoo/animal park with the animals or behind-the-scenes studying animals and the way they behave, these are careers one can follow. Sure, you’ll need to obtain a qualification but what’s stopping you from studying part-time while you work? Furthermore, some companies will help to cover your training as you work if you’ve had some level of experience previously so this could also be a way into the industry.

#6: Pilot 

Fancy being a pilot and flying to a different country every week? Compared to some of the other suggestions we have here today, this one may be the hardest considering the training and fitness tests involved. However, it’s also one of the most rewarding in terms of salary and being able to fly people to their vacations all around the world. If you aren’t interested in commercial flights, you could find a career in the forces where your training will be provided as you serve for the country.

#7: Photographer

Every year, more and more photographers are able to earn a living doing what they love so don’t ever think it’s not possible. As we’ve seen previously, this is becoming more achievable now we have the internet. With sites such as iStock, you can upload your creations as you go through your training and buy equipment. Whenever anybody buys the photos, you earn a percentage of the fee.

As you complete training, there’s nothing stopping you from starting your own website and entering your niche whether you want to focus on weddings or any other events. For many, they choose a niche such as pets, family photos, or events. This way, you can become an expert within this niche rather than trying to offer everything at once.

#8: Mickey Mouse

When it comes to dream jobs, it doesn’t get much better than working as a Disney character in one of their world-famous parks. Compared to other suggestions, the salary will be lower with this one but Disney is a company that manages to make the adults feel just as special as the children. If you can be a Disney character, assuming you pass the height and appearance regulations, you could make the dreams of millions come true every year.

#9: Lawyer

Normally, being a lawyer is a job that comes to our attention as we get a little older. If you feel strongly about the environment or just maintaining the rules of the justice system, your career could be centered around getting justice for innocent parties. Depending on your interests, there are several avenues within this career choice and your training will help decide this; the training will be extensive but well worth the effort in the end.

#10: Pro Athlete

If you’re still within the age range, you could attempt to become an athlete within your chosen sport. Often, they say the difference between professionals and amateurs is the effort they put into training and becoming the greatest. If you want to become a sportsperson, go out there and make it happen.

If you’re a little older, why not consider another sporting career such as darts or snooker where there are no age restrictions. Alternatively, you can find a different job within your favorite sport; just because you aren’t going to make it as a football player, this doesn’t mean you can’t join as a coach, physiotherapist, marketing team member, or in a different role altogether. For some, they find it rewarding to coach children and hone their skills as they head off to the latter stages of education so this could be an option.

#11: Writer

When considering dream jobs, many people think of writing and millions have ‘write a book’ on their bucket list. Today, you can earn money as a freelance writer online with little to no experience. As you build a reputation – regardless of whether you go it alone or join a freelancing website – you’ll see more interest and your writing will improve over time. Once you’re earning money, you can then write fiction or whatever you wish to write about without worrying about bills and other constraints.

If you haven’t noticed the common theme just yet, dream jobs tend to have multiple options within them and this allows you to choose your favorite. For example, you can start writing a little each night if you don’t want to leave your day job, you can start writing freelance on your days off to see whether there’s interest, some choose to work in a content writing business, others like writing scripts for TV and film, and there’s also an opportunity to use your writing skills in translation and marketing companies.

#12: Video Games Tester

Are you into video games? Do you go deeper than most with video games by highlighting their flaws and always thinking about how they could be improved? If so, your skills and your insight could be utilized by video game developers. Despite what the job title may suggest, you won’t just be playing video games for fun each day but it can still be rewarding if you want to help in the development of a popular game series.

Often, video game testers won’t be able to play the game after investigating them all day long and creating reports on how they can be improved. If you believe you can offer unique opinions on how to improve games and make them more enjoyable for the players, however, this is a perfect role and it’s one that’s becoming more popular with the introduction of VR and other gaming experiences.

#13: Doctor

Another of life’s dream jobs, this is one that’ll require some level of training and education but it can be incredibly rewarding. If you were good at science in school and are naturally a caring person, this could be the one for you. Although it can be a stressful role, being a doctor brings in a good salary and it also allows you to become a trusted and well-respected member of society. Also, every day will be different as you expand your knowledge.

When you become a doctor, you don’t have to follow the natural progression of working in an office either since there are other career paths available. While some choose to work in the forces as a field medic, others will go abroad and help countries less fortunate than ourselves. Of course, human bodies are the same all around the world so you’re in control of your destiny.

#14: Firefighter

For our penultimate suggestion, we have another that’s respected in the community because it means you’re willing to risk your life on a daily basis just to ensure the neighborhood remains safe. With the right training and a firehouse that’s willing to take you through the journey, you’ll soon be on the road helping others. To do this, you need to be incredibly fit physically as well as having composure and toughness mentally.

#15: Musician

Regardless of age, background, or appearance, these days anybody can become a musician so long as they have some form of talent or can entertain a crowd. Even if it isn’t singing, you could join a band or play an instrument to a high standard. These days, there are more opportunities than ever to make a career in the music industry.

#16: Comedian

Now we can’t all be Steve Martin, Brian Regan, Dave Chapelle or Jerry Seinfeld, but YouTube and other social media platforms make it easier than ever to get noticed and create a following. However, there is no school quite like the school of hard knocks, which is why performing stand up routines in front of a live audience is still the best way to hone your craft.


The best dream job for you is going to be different than the best dream job for me. The key to finding your dream job is to discover what you are really good at and then figuring out how to monetize that gift. The better you get at your craft, the more you will enjoy it. And you will probably make a good living at it as well.

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