Finding Life Insurance Coverage While Taking Dilaudid it’s all About Having Options!

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Whenever we get a call in or a request for a life insurance quote from someone who is currently using Dilaudid, the first thing we need to think about is:

“What the underlying cause is that has warranted Dilaudid being prescribed?”

After all, Dilaudid is an opioid pain medication that is sometimes also referred to as a narcotic.

Which is why…

Insurance companies can become nervous when the see it listed on a life insurance application.  As a result, you’ll likely be asked multiple questions about your Dilaudid use, each of which will be designed to learn more about why your taking Dilaudid and how long you’ll likely continue to use it.

Common questions asked of those using Dilaudid:

  • Why have you been prescribed Dilaudid (pretty obvious question)?
  • How long have you been taking Dilaudid?
  • In the past 12 months has your prescription remained the same?
  • Are you currently working now?
  • In the past 12 months have you applied for or received any form of disability benefits?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with any drug or alcohol dependency issues?
  • Do you have an issues with your driving record such as multiple moving violations or DIU’s?
  • Are you currently taking any other prescription medications?
  • Has your doctor indicated any time in which you will no longer need Dilaudid?
  • Do you have any scheduled medical procedures or surgeries planed within the next 12 months?

From there, the life insurance companies should have a pretty good idea about why your taking Dilaudid and about the severity of your condition, which may initiate some additional questions that will transition from a discussion about your Dilaudid use into an actual discussion about your actual medical condition.
This is why…

It’s so difficult to make an “generalizations” when it comes to what one can qualify for while taking Dilaudid.

That being said however, as a general rule of thumb, those using Dilaudid for only a short period of time (ie:  immediately after an injury or surgical procedure) should be able to receive a “Preferred” or “Preferred Plus” rate, provided that they would otherwise qualify based on all other requirements.


For those who are likely to be taking Dilaudid for a prolonged period of time, a “Standard” rate or worse, is generally what we’re most likely to encounter.

This is because for most, when needing to use Dilaudid for a prolonged period of time, it’s usually indicative of a pre-existing medical condition that is likely to make it difficult to qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy all together.

Now we don’t want to suggest…

That if you’re currently taking Dilaudid, or have been for a while that you can’t qualify for a traditional life insurance policy, we just want to make it clear that it will be more difficult.

Additionally, we’ll be the first to admit that if your underlying pre-existing condition is well maintained and not life threatening, and you’re Dilaudid prescription has remained stable for a considerable amount of time, qualifying for a traditional life insurance policy will certainly be a possibility.

Which is why in general…

It’s usually going to come down to two things, first the severity of your condition and second, choosing to work agency that has dozens of different life insurance options to choose from so that if your first choice doesn’t work out, you’ll always have a “plan B” waiting in the wings!

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