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Denied Life Insurance Due to Travel?

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February 27, 2015

This article has been written to help guide those who are having a difficult time getting approved for life insurance due to their travel habits.  In fact, one of the top 10 ten reasons for being denied life insurance will often be due to travel destinations.

So whether one has a passion for exotic locations, frequently travel abroad for work, or simply want to visit a relative that just happens to live in a country outside of the “generally” approved “insurable” list of countries, you’ve come to the right place.

Life Insurance approvals for traveling abroad

When it comes time to apply for life insurance in most cases you’re going to be asked about your travel plans. And unless you want to risk having your life insurance policy canceled or not honored by the insurer, it’s important to be completely honest when it comes time to answer the dreaded travel question.

You know the question that we’re talking about, its goes something like this:

“Within the next two years, do you have any plans to travel outside the country?”

Now, having worked in the life insurance industry for many, many years we have seen countless attempts to “work” around answering this question.

Attempts such as:

  • “Well yes, I do travel frequently travel outside of the United States, but I don’t have any set plans right NOW….”
  • “I may be traveling outside of the country for work, but I’m not certain yet.”

Life insurance agents will often times try to subtly coach an applicant by rephrasing the question to ask:

  • “Within the next two years, do you have any plans to travel outside the country… like do you have any plane tickets in hand right now?”
  • Or “Do you have any set reservations for any trips outside the country?”

The reason why applicants and insurance agents alike try to “rephrase” this question is because how one answers this question can have significant consequences to one’s life insurance application.

In fact, depending on what your answer to this question is, could mean the difference between getting the cheapest rates on life insurance and being flat out denied coverage all together!

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Why do life insurance companies care about my travel plans?

Now insurance companies in general aren’t worried about someone going on a Caribbean cruise of visiting Italy, what they’re more concerned about is visiting what are considered more dangerous countries like, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Haiti, and many areas in Africa as well.

So obviously, not many people are going to be affected by this question, but did you know that there are several major life insurance companies that will deny any application for life insurance if you mention that you travel immediately across the border into cities such as Tijuana or Juarez, Mexico?

Now while this may not be a big deal for folks living in Nebraska, for those that live in Southern California or Texas, not being able to be approved for life insurance, or having to pay a higher premium for their life insurance simply because the travel across the border, can and often is, a shock!

There must be another way!

It’s situations like these and dozens others that has led us here at TermLife2Go to search far and wide for a quality life insurance company that will offer complete term life insurance coverage WITHOUT factoring travel destinations in its underwriting process!

The good news is that we here at TermLife2Go have found a simplified life insurance policy that does allows those with exotic travel destinations to apply for a true term life insurance policy without:

  • Needing to answer any travel questions,
  • Or take a medical exam.

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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