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Combined Insurance Review and Rates

Researcher & Writer
June 05, 2018

Combined insurance offers some unique products that work to supplement any existing primary coverage you have, including life insurance. In the following review of Combined Insurance, we will cover who Combined Insurance is, the company's ratings and the products offered by the company. Is Combined Insurance the right choice for you?

About Combined Insurance

Just five years away from their 100th birthday, Combined Insurance is a large insurance provider within the US and a part of Chubb Limited, the world's biggest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. Currently, their life insurance in-force figure reaches $5 billion and they also claim to pay out over $1 million every single day in claims which is impressive (to say the least!).

After starting in Illinois, the company was headed by W.Clement Stone and saw progress early. Today, their headquarters remain in Illinois but their service is available across the world. In this Combined Insurance review, we’re going to be focusing on the products they have in the US but their offices can be found in Latin America, the Pacific, and well as much of Europe.

In terms of employees, diversity has long been within the culture at Combined Insurance and they were actually awarded in the Hispanic Network Magazine’s 2015 awards for being one of the leading diversity employers across the country. In addition to this, they’ve been known to help in the community and recently had a campaign supporting the military; they’ve even hired 2,500 veterans.

Combined Insurance Ratings

A.M. Best

Currently, Combined Insurance is rated ‘A+’ by A.M. Best and this is considered ‘Superior’. As one of the leading financial agencies, A.M. Best is known for assessing the overall financial position of a company before giving a rating and the ‘A+’ means they’re just one away from the top rating. More importantly, it means we can be confident in their ability to pay all claims in the time ahead.


Next up, we have an agency who specialize in the credit rating of insurance companies and they’ve awarded Combined Insurance with an ‘A2’ and a ‘Stable’ outlook. With this rating in place since 2012, it means they can pay all liabilities and lines of credit they have open. What’s more, it means they can do this for years to come and this should give us confidence in the company. As we saw at the beginning, their life insurance in-force figure is nothing short of impressive so perhaps these ratings so far aren't surprising.

Standards and Poor’s

Finally (with regards to finances), everyone is likely to have heard of Standards and Poor’s and they also look into finances and the credit rating/ability of companies. For Combined Insurance, they currently have an ‘AA-’ which is yet another strong result. Equivalent to ‘Very Strong’, we can see from these three ratings alone that we don’t need to be concerned about the finances of the company.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Now, it’s time to focus on the customer service of Combined Insurance, how well they deal with complaints, and their general business practices within the market. Since they were first accredited in 1954 and have had a file with the BBB since then, we have a backlog of ratings to assess but the only one that matters is the ‘A+’ they have now. Essentially, this means they scored over 97 from a scale of 0-100 and you shouldn't have any issues with the service.

Products offered by Combined Insurance

With such a rich history, you can guess the policies from Combined Insurance are impressive and this is because they’re specialized beyond what most companies offer. Rather than standard life insurance policies, they’ve been created to protect individuals and employees against certain events. With this in mind, they’re very much a company designed for supplementary coverage. If you’ve already got a main policy but you need extra coverage, take a look at the options because we’ve listed them for you today.

Employers Insurance for Employees

First, we have supplementary coverage for all employers. If you have a team and want to provide them with extra protection, these options may be what you need.

Accident Champion

No matter how much we try to avoid them, accidents happen these days and this first policy has been created to deal with them when they do. Every year, 40% of people are treated in emergency rooms whether this is a simple visit or an overnight stay. With the average stay reaching five days these days, this can reach $10,000 quite easily so often puts businesses into debt very quickly.

If a work-related injury creates a need to visit the emergency room, your Accident Champion coverage will jump into action and pay your employee directly. If you don’t have cash reserves ready to pay for these accidents, Accident Champion is a great way to stay protected.

Critical Illness Champion

Following along the same lines in principle, the this critical illness insurance policy covers your employees in the event of a serious illness. Depending on the plan you choose, employees can receive up to $50,000 of coverage for severe burns, heart attacks, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, organ transplants, heart surgery, cancer, stroke, kidney failure, and many others.

Sometimes, standard health insurance policies won’t pay for certain illnesses and conditions so having this group policy allows you to keep your business in a good position if employees were to come down with an illness.

Disability Income Protector

Finally, the Disability Income Protector will pay benefits to employees directly when they're totally disabled and unable to work. Depending on the policy and circumstances, the benefit can be paid for up to two whole years. Once again, regular insurance won’t be much use for disability so this supplementary policy comes in handy. With Combined Insurance, you have a company available 24/7 and they’ll also waive all premiums after 14 days of the disability being diagnosed.

If progress is shown and the total disability moves to a partial disability, Combined Insurance will still pay a percentage for the next three months or the rest of the maximum benefit period depending on which is shorter.

Individual and Families

What if you’re an individual looking for supplementary coverage? Although three of the policies are the same as we’ve seen above, Combined Insurance also offer some unique policies here too.

The companies life insurance option can be used as stand alone final expense insurance or as a supplement to existing coverage. It is important to understand the different options available and how term life compares to whole life insurance.

So with that in mind, let's dive right in.

Accident Protector

Essentially, this is the same as the one we saw for employers but this time it’s an individual policy. If you (or a family member) are involved in an accident of any kind, you can get access to cash via the policy for hospital confinement, medical appliances, emergency room benefits, etc. Regardless of whether the accident happens at work or at home, the benefits go to you directly.

Accident and Sickness Protector

If you want to include sickness in your coverage alongside accidents, this protector policy will have you and, more importantly, your family covered. Considering the money is paid to you directly, you can use it however you wish including for medial bills and to cover day-to-day expenses for your family. As we’ve noted, sometimes accidents are unavoidable and illnesses fall into this category too.

Cancer Protector

Unfortunately, cancer is still a medical condition that affects millions of lives all over the world. Since it doesn’t discriminate, it can affect absolutely anybody at anytime and this is a scary thought with a family to protect. Although we aren't saying you should walk around worried every day, you should at least think about protection against the illness and Combined Insurance gives you the opportunity to do this.

With three out of every four families affected by cancer in some way (according to the American Cancer Society), this 24/7 coverage will pay you a lump sum to use in your own way. Since it’s independent from any other policy you might have, the benefits are independent too and you can receive money for otherwise unreimbursed costs.

Cancer Care Protector

While the previous option is designed to cover all costs that come with cancer as well as helping your family when you have the health condition, this one covers the costs associated with care alone. According to a recent estimate from the National Cancer Institute, an American is diagnosed with cancer every 19 seconds and the cost of care will soon rack up.

Critical Care Protector

As another also available for employers, up to $50,000 of coverage can be achieved and it protects you against certain critical illnesses. Before you get started, it’s worth assessing the list to see if there are any obvious conditions missing but you’ll be covered for cancer, heart attack, severe burns, brain tumor (if you require surgery), dismemberment, blindness, and others. In the event of diagnosis and treatment, you’ll be paid a lump sum.

Family Life Protector

This is a whole life insurance policy that offers coverage of up to $50,000. You can choose between different plans and you’ll be insured up to 100 years of age. However, you can pair the policy with Accidental Death Benefit and this provides the death beneficiary with up to $100,000.

Once the first few years have been completed, the policy also builds a cash value which gives options later in life. While some choose to borrow against this amount, others surrender the policy for cash (if no longer required) and it can also be used to pay your premiums for a time.

Income Protector

Designed to protect families in the event of the insured being injured or disabled in any way, this Income Protector policy can provide benefits for up to two years. If you start the journey to recovery, your benefits will be scaled down over time and you don’t have to worry about not earning while recovering.

Sick Pay Plus

Finally, you can be paid for up to six full months in cash if you’re unable to work because of a certain injury or sickness. Although you’ll need to be under the care of the doctor, this coverage could be important considering over 40 million people aren't paid any sick days. If you miss work or even can’t keep up with the chores (when unemployed), this coverage springs into action and provides you with a benefit from the first missed day onwards.

Customer Service  

When it comes to the life insurance industry, you’re going to struggle to find a company with as many points of contact than Combined Insurance. For starters, they have a FAQs section which is ideal for all the popular questions regarding their services and many policies. Elsewhere, they have profiles, and are therefore available, on Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Facebook, and YouTube. What’s more, they even offer regular advice on their blog.

On their website, you can enter your details on a contact form which allows you to receive a call back or get a reply with an answer to your request. With all these options, you shouldn't ever have an issue and considering customer service is something companies do wrong more often than they do right, this is a great positive to take from our review.


We do not currently offer products from Combined Insurance. If you are interested in a product described above you will need to contact the company directly. However, we do have a full range of top rated companies that we do work with, offering both exam and no exam life insurance. So if you need life insurance quotes from top rated carriers please give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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