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ClaShot App Review… Perfect for Any Aspiring Photographer!

The ClaShot Mobile App ReviewThe ClaShot Mobile App Review

Do you like to take a lot of photos? Do some of them look as good as any other stock photos you’ve seen for sale on the internet? If so, maybe it’s time you think about getting paid for your “hidden” talent!

And if you’re not sure how…

You would go about getting paid, don’t worry about a thing, because we’re about to tell you all about a great photo sharing app called ClaShot that could help you turn your “hobby” into a nice little part time job that could help you make money fast!

So, what is ClaShot?

As mentioned ClasShot, this is an app that helps you get paid for all the photos you take. Whether it be a flat lay of a cup of coffee and a book or a scenic nature picture, there may be someone out there willing to purchase it.  And once you’ve taken the photo and posted it to the ClaShot app, there it will remain.  Which is why we were tempted to include the ClaShot app as one of our passive income ideas simply because once the photo has been taken, it can become a continual source of passive income for you.

How it works.
  • First, download the ClaShot app and create your own personalized account.
  • Second, take some photos that you think people might be interested in, or use previously taken ones and upload them into the ClaShot App.
  • Get “discovered” by people looking for photos,
  • Lastly, collect your commissions once people start “buying” your photos.
Getting “discovered”

Just like most social apps, the more people in your network, the more chances you have of being “seen” by others – and in this case, ultimately selling your photos. Friends will see your photos in a Newsfeed similar to other social apps, and this can lead them to buy. If you have only photographers in your friends list, it’s less likely that views will turn into conversions. So, the trick to “morphing” the Clashot app form a fun way of “sharing” your photos to a truly money making app is to get people on your friends list who are in the market to buy photos.

Who buys photos from ClaShot?

Basically, anyone who needs a stock image is a candidate to buy a photo. They may use it for a brochure, promotional item, marketing, or their website.  Which is great!  But remember, if you’re using photos of yourself, your image could be used to promote a product that you’re not all that “thrilled” to be a part of.  Which is why we recommend, at least in the beginning, just start off by taking photos of “stuff” or your goofy cat or dog!

How much do they sell a photo for?

This is the tricky part. Payment isn’t really straightforward. On Foap (another photo sharing app), for example, you know exactly how much you’ll get paid. But with ClaShot all you really know is that you’ll get 44% of the sale price.


The uniqueness and quality of your photos will impact the selling price as well as how frequently they are sold. The better your photos, the more you’ll make. If you’re taking photos that look like everyone else’s, chances are, you won’t make as much.

Our overall review of Clashot…

Is that if you love taking photos and you’re consistent about posting ones that you don’t mind sharing, you should be able to make a few bucks each and every month using the ClaShot app.

But you shouldn’t…

Bank on being able to use the ClaShot app to become independently wealth or self employed.  But if you already take a ton of photos this could be a fun way to make money. Plus, it’s nice to know that someone appreciates your creative work enough to pay you for it! That alone is a big thing! If you see it as something “fun” to do, then it’s worth it. If you’re looking for a serious way to make money from your photography, this isn’t the place!

So now you may be wondering…. “Why is TermLife2Go reviewing ClaShot?”

Which is a completely natural question to have and one that we’re more than happy to answer.

You see…

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And rather than…

Just apologize for not being able to help out these kinds of folks, we always like to suggest some possible opportunities whereby an individual might be able to either make more money or use a money saving app that could help improve their current situation.

Now we don’t receive…

Any kind of compensation for writing these articles, the only reason why we do it is because we would genuinely like to help our clients even those who can’t purchase a life insurance policy today.

And who knows…

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You never know.


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