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Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

Diabetic life insurance

At TermLife2Go, we work with the best life insurance companies in the U.S. What makes them the best? Each company caters to certain niches, including life insurance for diabetics. Which means, if you need life insurance you are going to be best served going with a diabetes friendly company. But choosing a comapny favorable to […] Continue Reading


Did you know that some life insurance companies offer better rate classes to truck drivers than others? Further, did you know that choosing from the top no medical exam companies might save you a ton of money and time? At TermLife2Go, we work with dozens of top rated best life insurance companies. We can help you […] Continue Reading

Life insurance with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

If you have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma you may be worried about your life insurance eligibility. You’re right to worry; with a pre-existing condition like lymphoma, it may be harder to get life insurance. However, lymphoma doesn’t totally disqualify you for life insurance. Keep reading to know how to get the best life insurance […] Continue Reading

life insurance and kidney stones

Kidney stones are a pretty common ailment. Approximately 1 in 5 men and 1 in 10 women will get kidney stones in their lifetime. But will kidney stones disqualify you from life insurance? The short answer is not likely, but there is a chance that they will impact your life insurance rate. What are Kidney […] Continue Reading

life insurance with Down Syndrome

At TermLife2Go, we focus on aligning each client with the company that will best suit that specific client's needs, health and lifestyle. When dealing with clients looking for life insurance with down syndrome, our goal is to have that client apply with the most "down syndrome" friendly companies available. At TermLife2Go, we often encounter families […] Continue Reading

life insurance with irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a serious condition that not only disrupts daily life, but can also interfere with your life insurance eligibility. However, if you have irritable bowel syndrome you are not automatically disqualified. There are many factors companies consider when underwriting clients for life insurance with pre-existing conditions. Keep reading to know more about […] Continue Reading

life insurane with tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a serious lung disease that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It used to be pretty hard to get life insurance coverage if you had tuberculosis. However, with the advancement of medical care, the prognosis for tuberculosis patients is much brighter. As a result, finding a company that will offer life insurance after tuberculosis is […] Continue Reading

life insurance with amyotrophic lateral scleroris (ALS)

If you have an illness such as ALS, then getting a life insurance policy is going to be tough. But is it a lost cause to try to find one? No. TermLife2Go is here to help people with complicated health issues such as ALS find a life insurance policy that works. We specialize in finding […] Continue Reading

Terminal Illness Life Insurance

Being diagnosed with a terminal illness changes everything—especially your life choices. Now that you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, one of the things you will have to figure out is how to best financially protect the ones you love so dearly—and ultimately will leave behind. The minute your doctor told you that you […] Continue Reading

Life Insurance after a Hysterectomy

We at TermLife2Go work with dozens of the top rated life insurance companies. Our job is to align the specific health or lifestyle niche of each client with the best life insurance companies as well as the top no medical exam companies for that specific niche. That is how we help our clients find the best […] Continue Reading

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To empower our customers through knowledge and expertise so our clients secure the best and most appropriate insurance coverage available providing peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones.

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