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life insurance riders

paid up additions rider

There are certain financial “gurus” out there who bad mouth whole life, despite the many benefits that cash value life insurance offers. The main problem is the opponents of whole life make sweeping generalizations about it, despite the fact that the best whole life insurance companies offer a myriad of policy options, tailored to your […] Continue Reading

Life insurance with long term care rider

A long term care rider is a life insurance policy that comes with an accelerated benefits rider that provides a cash benefit to you if you  have a long term care need in a nursing home, assisted living, or in home care. As we age, we become more susceptible to disability. As a result, older […] Continue Reading

accelerated death benefit (ADB) rider

What is an accelerated death benefit (ADB)? An accelerated death benefit (ADB) is a rider attached to a life insurance policy that allows the owner of the policy to receive a lump sum cash advance on a portion (25-95%) of the death benefit if the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Depending on the […] Continue Reading

Chronic Illness and Terminal Illness Riders

At TermLife2Go, we represent dozens of top rated life insurance carriers. Among those are the top life insurance companies and the top no medical exam life insurance companies. We determine who is a top company by different criteria, including the various niches the companies fill, the riders offered, including living benefits, the price of the […] Continue Reading


Some life insurance companies offer a wide range of life insurance riders while others offer only a select few. At TermLife2Go, we work with the top rated companies offering the best life insurance protection. If you need a specific rider or would like to talk with a professional about your options, please give us a […] Continue Reading

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