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Dying With No Life Insurance – 6 Frightening Alternatives

Have you ever considered what happens if you die with no life insurance and your family cannot afford to bury you? Dying with no life insurance is no laughing matter. However, you need to consider how much coverage you can afford and not jump at the first company advertising final expense or burial insurance. At [...] Continue Reading

Life Insurance Beneficiaries, Understanding What Primary and Contingent Beneficiaries Are

what is a contingent beneficiary

Most people don’t put much thought into choosing a life insurance beneficiary. Unfortunately, this can create a major problem for your heirs. As a result, TermLife2Go put together this article to help you navigate the potentially stormy waters involved in naming primary and contingent beneficiaries. Life Insurance Beneficiary You can name up to three levels […]

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Incontestability Clause [Guide to the Life Insurance Contestability Period]

2 year contestability period

Incontestability Clause definition: makes a death benefit payout from a life insurance company incontestable after a certain period of time has passed, typically two years, regardless of any misrepresentation or concealment. Misrepresentation would be a false claim made by the insured as to a material fact, typically in the form of lying on the life […]

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Getting Life Insurance While Pregnant

life insurance while pregnant

Trying to find life insurance when you are pregnant can be daunting at times. In the following article we will help shed some light on the process involved as well as help you find the best life insurance quotes and rates when pregnant. Getting Life Insurance While Pregnant When you conceive a child, you automatically […]

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Life insurance to cover student loans

Importance of life Insurance to cover student loans

Student Loan Debt and Life Insurance One very important factor that is often over looked when it comes to discussing student debt, AKA college loan debt is: “What happens to this debt if the “debtor” dies before it’s paid?” Now we here at TermLife2Go specifically use the term “debtor” for a reason. We don’t want […]

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Can I get life insurance after filing bankruptcy?

Life insurance after a bankruptcy

Many carriers will outright decline an applicant who is going through a bankruptcy. Further, many will decline you if not enough time has passed from your BK. This is why it is so important to apply with the right company from the start. At TermLife2Go, we work with the top rated best life insurance companies […]

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Mortgage Insurance vs. Term Life Insurance….the Obvious Choice

You may also want to read our article, Life insurance with pre-existing conditions, or How to Buy Life Insurance While on Disability. I Want to Buy Mortgage Insurance. This is something that we hear all the time because after all, life insurance is meant to protect the ones we love and what could be better than making […]

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Top 5 reasons to buy life insurance

Top Five Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

Top 5 reasons to buy life insurance Life insurance isn’t a really fun thing to go buy. You never really get that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you buy something new for yourself, like a car or a new pair of clothes.  In fact, a lot of people find life insurance creepy to […]

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The truth about life insurance

All too often people will simply go online, type in “life insurance” and apply with the first company Google presents. The problem with this approach is he or she is probably choosing a life insurance company instead of an agency. A company will offer one option, whereas an agency will offer multiple options. And just […]

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