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The Ladder Strategy for Life Insurance: Is It Right for You?

Choosing the right life insurance can put you in a bit of a pickle. You want to protect your income and assets in case you die, but not at the expense of living life the way you want to right now. If your life insurance need is high, you’re older than 30, or you have [...] Continue Reading

How much does life insurance cost?

The average $250,000 term life insurance policy for a 30-year-old costs about $160 in annual premiums ($13.33 per month). Unfortunately, most people incorrectly assume life insurance costs three times more. So how much cash will you shell out for your life policy? That depends.* .nqwgt-WNLk-quoter_request{font-size:15px;margin:0 auto;border-radius:3px;background-color:#e0eeee}.nqwgt-WNLk-quoter_request .nq_body{padding:15px}.nqwgt-WNLk-quoter_request.nq_widget_width{width:350px}.nqwgt-WNLk-quoter_request label{color:#333;display:block;font-size:15px;margin-bottom:4px}.nqwgt-WNLk-quoter_request select,.nqwgt-WNLk-quoter_request input{background-color:#fff;border:1px solid #ddd;color:#777;font-size:14px;font-weight:400;border-radius:4px;margin:0 0 13px 0}.nqwgt-WNLk-quoter_request [...] Continue Reading

The 5 States Most Financially Prepared for Death

Death. It’s not a fun topic. And when it comes right down to it, is anyone ever truly prepared to die? Philosophical debates aside, there’s one powerful step people can take to get their finances in order: investing in life insurance. For families with a mortgage, kids in college, or other hard-to-downsize expenses, not having […]

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How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

If you’re wondering “How much does life insurance cost?” then you’ve come to the right place. The cost of life insurance depends on your age, health, and other factors, which we’ll explain in further detail. At TermLife2Go, our goal is to help you navigate the different aspects of life insurance, so you can get the […]

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10 States with the Best (and Worst) Drug Addiction Support

Nearly half of all Americans have a close friend or family member who has struggled with drug addiction. Do you? Drug addiction may involve illegal use of prescribed drugs or illicit substances such as opioids, but studies show punishing illegal drug use with jail time is less effective than detox or rehab for beating addiction. […]

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Life Insurance Beneficiaries, Understanding What Primary and Contingent Beneficiaries Are

what is a contingent beneficiary

Most people don’t put much thought into choosing a life insurance beneficiary. Unfortunately, this can create a major problem for your heirs. As a result, TermLife2Go put together this article to help you navigate the potentially stormy waters involved in naming primary and contingent beneficiaries. Life Insurance Beneficiary You can name up to three levels […]

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Life Insurance Lapse – How to Avoid and What to do if it Occurs

life insurance lapse

Here is a tip, unless you plan on cancelling your life insurance, don’t let your policy lapse for non payment of funds. If your policy lapses and you die after your grace period ends, you are no longer insured and your beneficiary will receive nothing. In the following article covering the basics on insurance lapses, […]

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life insurance underwriting: what is it and how long does it take

how long is the life insurance approval process

Life insurance underwriting is the process the carrier goes through to approve your policy. In this life insurance underwriting guide we will give you a step by step on what to expect when going through the approval process. How long is the life insurance underwriting process? So, you need life insurance and you prefer to […]

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MIB Medical Information Bureau

MIB Medical Information Bureau

Whether you choose to go the traditional paramedical exam route or choose simplified issue life insurance or accelerated underwriting, most carriers are going to do a background check, which includes looking at the Medical Information Bureau, or MIB. What is the MIB (Medical Information Bureau)? Owned by the members, the MIB Group (Medical Information Bureau) […]

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Insurable Interest [Life Insurance Coverage Limitation]

insurable interest life insurance policy requirement

We put a picture of a large family as our featured image to emphasize the concept of insurable interest in the context of life insurance. If we look at this family, what would happen if either parent were to die? Maybe they both work or perhaps one parent stays at home to take care of […]

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