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Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance Rates and Family Health History

Did you know that various life insurance companies have unique health niches that benefit clients that fall under specific health criteria? Life insurance is not a one size fits all industry. Just because one company offers you the best online quote does not mean it is going to offer you the best life insurance rates. […] Continue Reading

how long is the life insurance approval process

How long the life insurance approval process takes depends on several factors. At TermLife2Go, we work with the Top Life Insurance Companies and the Top No Medical Exam Companies. Your life insurance approval time is directly correlated to the company and policy you choose. Therefore, knowing which company is best suited for your needs is […] Continue Reading

How do Companies Determine Life Insurance Health Rate Categories?

Most people searching for how life insurance companies determine health ratings are doing so for a specific purpose: to determine if they can qualify for the best rate class. Now while there is no fool proof way to guarantee the top rate, you can up your chances by making sure you have options. At TermLife2Go, […] Continue Reading

Top 10 Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance

Choosing the right company from among the thousands of life insurance companies in the United States can be daunting. This is particularly true for those considered high risk life insurance or that have pre-existing medical conditions. At TermLife2Go, we help our clients navigate to the right company at the right price based on each clients […] Continue Reading

choosing a beneficiary for life insurance

Most people don't put much thought into choosing a beneficiary for life insurance. Unfortunately, this can create a major problem for your heirs. As a result, TermLife2Go put together this article to help our clients choose the best beneficiary for receiving his or her life insurance proceeds. In most cases life insurance proceeds are a […] Continue Reading

How do life insurance agents get paid?

Do you find yourself wondering what is in it for your life insurance agent? Often clients will ask how their life insurance agent gets paid. Many times what they are really asking is, are you taking a cut of the deal or are you charging me hidden fees? The reality is, agents are paid from […] Continue Reading

Postponed Life Insurance

It’s important to understand that every life insurance application will ultimately have one of 3 outcomes: You’ll be approved. You’ll be declined. Or you may receive a postponement. Now we all know what it means to be approved for life insurance, so there’s really no need to go over that, but what about when one’s […] Continue Reading

How much does life insurance cost?

How much does life insurance cost?

There are many factors that go into determining how much life insurance costs. And the answer will change for each individual and how he or she fills the various niches provided by insurance carriers. At TermLife2Go, we focus on placing our clients with the best life insurance companies and best no medical exam companies in […] Continue Reading

Life insurance after a bankruptcy

Many carriers will outright decline an applicant who is going through a bankruptcy. Further, many will decline you if not enough time has passed from your BK. This is why it is so important to apply with the right company from the start. At TermLife2Go, we work with the top rated best life insurance companies […] Continue Reading

bundling my life insurance cost me thousands

Did you know that the only premium that is fixed between life insurance, home insurance, and auto insurance is the life insurance premium? Further, did you know that when you bundle all three insurance policies that only the life insurance premium is guaranteed to stay the same for the term of the policy? That means […] Continue Reading

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