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Is Life Insurance Taxable?

is life insurance taxed

Are Life Insurance Proceeds Taxable? There is an old idiom that says something to the effect that the only thing certain in life is death and taxes. The good news is, life insurance allows you to avoid taxes in death. Take note, however, that the key to avoiding taxes on life insurance proceeds is to […]

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Life Insurance Trusts: Why you should consider an ILIT

Life Insurance Trust

Although a life insurance trust is not for everyone, it can be a valuable tool when used correctly. In the following article we will help shed some light on the process for funding an irrevocable life insurance trust, identify some potential pit falls, and recommend the best type of product. If you have any questions […]

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How to Find Lost Life Insurance Policies

how to find a lost life insurance policy

When someone close to you passes it forces you to deal with many uncomfortable issues as well as doing your best to sort through someone’s entire life and possessions. Passwords to computers, safe deposit boxes, bills, and years of accumulated stuff make it difficult to properly administer an estate or execute a will. Another major […]

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Life Insurance for Estate Planning [5 Fantastic Benefits]

estate planning life insurance strategies

Your estate is all the property you own. Your estate may be large or it may be small. Life insurance can make a small estate large, or it can be used to protect a large estate. When considering life insurance for your estate plan it is important that you have choices and understand the benefits […]

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