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long term disability insurance

individual long term disability insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance Just do a google search for chances of being disabled before retirement and you will find that most statistics point to at least a 20-25% chance of you being disabled for at least a year by the time you retire. In fact, depending on your age, you have a greater chance […] Continue Reading

own occupation vs any occupation total disability definition

True Own Occupation Disability Insurance When investigating the best short-term disability insurance and long-term disability insurance it is important to understand the different definitions various companies offer when it comes to what determines a total or partial disability. Although most disability income insurance providers offer similar definitions, it is the subtle nuances that make or […] Continue Reading

How does long-term disability work?

How does long-term disability work? There are three primary terms you need to be familiar with when researching private long-term disability insurance companies; Income Benefit, Elimination Period and Benefit Period. In the following article, we will address all three of these terms and give you a solid overview of long-term disability benefits. How long does […] Continue Reading

Disability Insurance for Lawyers

Disability Insurance attorneys

Disability Insurance for Attorneys Ok, picture this… You’re driving along in your brand-new Mercedes you just financed at $600 a month (not to mention the auto insurance payment) and out of nowhere comes a young teenage driver “texting away” who plows right into you, paralyzing you from the waist down! Over dramatic?  Maybe. A realistic […] Continue Reading

Disability Insurance for Doctors

Disability Insurance for doctors

Here at TermLife2Go, we often get calls from doctors, i.e. physicians, oncologists, internists, pediatricians, surgeons, etc., looking to purchase a wide variety of life insurance policies to protect their loved ones in the event that they pass away prematurely. That said however…What often goes “unaddressed” is what would happen if instead of “dying prematurely”, someone […] Continue Reading

Disability Insurance for Dentists

dentist disability income insurance

We’ll often receive calls here at TermLife2Go from dentists who are looking to protect their loved ones (and sometimes their practices) by purchasing a traditional term or whole life insurance policy. And while…We feel it’s very important to have a life insurance policy in place, we’re often amazed by how often these same professionals forget […] Continue Reading

When we use the term “electrician” the first thing that we’re going to want to address is the fact that this “title” can be used to describe a wide range of career paths.  It could include folks who are simply making service calls to residential locations, or it could also include folks who are responsible […] Continue Reading

Disability Insurance For Plumbers

Now a day’s it seems like just about every profession in the world has gone “high tech”.  And “plumbing” is no exception! Which is why… It makes all the sense in the world for today’s modern plumbing professional to want to protect his or her investment that they have made in career by being sure […] Continue Reading

Disability Insurance for Farmers

Disability insurance for ranchers

Being a farmer is an amazing career that allows you to be at “one” with the land. In a world of desk jobs, you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to enjoy the fresh air and a life that many wouldn’t dare imagine. It’s beautiful. But, as a farmer, you know your career comes […] Continue Reading

disability insurance for entrepreneurs & business owners

Disability Insurance for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs If you own your own business, you know that every decision you make has consequences, good or bad.  Which is why we’ve found that in most cases, business owners and entrepreneurs are pretty savvy when it comes to understanding their insurance needs and will usually already have the […] Continue Reading

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