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Key Man Life Insurance: Best Tips and Strategies [sample rates]

key man insurance

Key Person Insurance TermLife2Go can help you navigate the waters and set you and your business up with the best policy for the best price. We do this by focusing on the top companies and the specific niches filled by each carrier. By aligning each client’s specific health and lifestyle with the appropriate company that […]

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Buy Sell Agreement Funded With Life Insurance [Top 9 Best Benefits]

buy sell agreement with long term care life insurance

In the following article we will discuss the advantages of a buy-sell agreement funded with life insurance, as well as the importance of disability insurance. Subjects touched upon will include the steps to creating a buy-sell agreement, putting disability and life insurance in buy-sell agreements to work, the types of life insurance used to fund […]

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Best Life Insurance for SBA Loans: Get Approved Fast!

Guide to Life Insurance for SBA Loans

As experts in SBA Life Insurance fulfillment, we at TermLife2Go understand just how important it is to get approved for life insurance QUICKLY. After all, we work with the top no medical exam life insurance companies in the marketplace. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you. Life Insurance for […]

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Family Owned Business Succession Planning with Life Insurance

family business succession planning with life insurance

We cannot stress the importance of using life insurance to fund a buy-sell agreement or to provide business protection via key person insurance enough. In the following article we will attempt to provide some basic beneficial scenarios of life insurance on the life of a business owner. Family Owned Business Succession Planning with Life Insurance […]

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Amazing Life Insurance for Businesses [4 Great Uses and Details]

Business Owner Life Insurance

As a business owner, it is imperative that you have a succession plan. No matter the size of your business—from a sole proprietorship to a global Limited Liability Company—having a succession plan in place is necessary and prudent planning. Business owner life insurance is something that needs to be planned for well in advance. After […]

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