Cash for Apps Review… Is it worth your time and energy?

Review of Cash for Apps

Now before we jump right into our Cash for Apps review, we want to make a couple of this clear right from the start.  First, you’re not going to “make money fast” by participating in the Cash for Apps program.

Or to put it another way…

You’re not going to make a “lot” of money fast using the Cash for Apps program.  There just isn’t a lot of money to be had by simply “downloading” an app onto your phone or tablet.

That said however…

If you go into it understanding that the Cash for Apps program is a somewhat “passive income idea” that will allow you to download one or two different apps each and every day and over time, earn a few bucks in the process, you may actually find that using the Cash for Apps program is a lot of fun!

Just remember that…

The “Cash for Apps” program isn’t going to “replace” a part time job that you may have or allow you to become a self-employed mogul that you dream about.


At “best”, the Cash for Apps can become a “tool” that you can use to:

  • Kill time,
  • Check out a bunch of new apps,
  • And make some spare change while doing so.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Cash for Apps – What is it?  And how does it work?

When app developers and companies make new apps, they need people to test them out and give a little feedback. Rather than just ask their friends and family, they often rely on apps like Cash for Apps.

Cash for Apps gives points to users who download various free apps. On average, you get 10 cents per app you install.

So, you gotta do the Math- Is it worth it?

If you get paid 10 cents per app, you’d have to download 100 different apps to get $10. This can be time consuming (let’s say it takes 2 minutes to find, download, open an app – and presumably delete later). That means you can do about 30 apps an hour. So, essentially, you’re getting paid about $3 per hour!

So, is it worth it?

If you’re looking at this as a way to make a living it’s most definitely not a good idea.


If you’re looking at this as a way to check out what new apps are out there, then it doesn’t hurt to make a few extra bucks in the process.

If you:
  • Commute by public transport in the morning,
  • Have nothing better to do,
  • Read your phone in the bathroom,
  • Scroll apps mindlessly before sleeping,

Then you’re already wasting a lot of time anyways – and not making money for it. Though the pay is really not worth your time, if you’re doing a whole lot of nothing and not getting paid, then this is a fun little way to make slightly better use of your time.

How much can you really make?

Unless you’re really going mad, the most you’ll probably make is about $5-10  week, max. This isn’t a lot, but it’s still a fun treat!  And for someone who may be living on a fixed income and doesn’t have a ton of opportunities to earn money outside of the house, who knows, 5 to 10 dollars a week may be really helpful!

That said however…

If you’re seriously looking for some legitimate ways to earn some extra cash, then this might not be the very best way to pad your income. This is more for people who just want to have fun and don’t mind a little financial incentive.

Which brings us to why TermLife2Go, a life insurance brokerage is writing a review to the Cash of Apps program.

After all, life insurance and downloading dozens of apps really don’t have much in common…do they? No, they don’t.


Since our primary goal here at TermLife2Go is to help improve the financial security of clients loved ones anything that we can do, or suggest to help make purchasing an affordable life insurance policy a reality does in fact fit nicely within our core goals.

But you should also know…

That we are not compensated by Cash for Apps in any way.  So, if you want to try it out, great!  You may really like it and have a lot of fun experimenting with the different apps that are a part of the Cash for Apps program.

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