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Carvertise Review

Nowadays, it seems as though there are a million and one innovative ways to make money fast. For many generations, we had a model that involved going out into the big wide world, finding a job, and staying there until we found a better-paying job. However, this model is now outdated and we seem to find new ways to make money each year.

With the increased investment in technology, this seems to be the main location of new careers but we are also seeing new opportunities in the form of car advertising. I wish I had known there was a way to advertise on my car when I was in college.

Nowadays, if you have taken a look in your junk folder within your emails, you probably would have seen a couple emails mentioning how car advertising is taking off. There are real opportunities in car wrap advertising and Carvertise is proving to be a great place to start for many.

Now we are not sure if car advertise can qualify as passive income, but you really don’t have to do much after you wrap your car in advertising.

Carvertise Review [Make Money Advertising on Your Car]

History of Carvertise

Whilst still in college, Mac Nagaswami founded Carvertise with the basic premise of helping people to earn a residual income simply by driving around in a car wrapped in an advertisement. Of course, we have seen taxis and buses do the same thing for many years so Nagaswami realized that there was an opportunity that would benefit all parties involved. For the company, they would have their advertisement spread around town and for the driver, they could earn around $100 per month.

In 2012, Nagaswami started to discuss the idea with more people and refined his business plan after enrolling on an entrepreneurship course. After drawing up a plan, he hit the streets and concluded from his research that people would be willing to wrap their car in advertising to earn a little extra money and the idea was born.

Carvertise Services

Essentially, Carvertise is the ‘middleman’ between potential drivers who want to earn money to have their car wrapped and businesses who want to have their advertisement placed onto a participant’s car. For a driver to be considered for the program, they need to drive at least 25 miles a day, have a car from within the last decade, have a factory finish paint job, and own a clean driver’s license. If a car travels less than the desired amount, it isn’t seen as worthwhile for the business because it will not get enough attention.

On average, Carvertise claims that each car is the equivalent to 100,000 impressions and 800 miles every single month. Although the impressions number seems like it could be a random calculation, there is actually science behind it because it considers average daily traffic, number of lanes on a particular route, time of day that the car travels, and the average number of people per car. By looking into how long each journey is for the driver, Carvertise can calculate an estimated impressions figure.

Can I Make Money Advertising on My Car?

As mentioned previously, there are some requirements that you will need to hit but if this isn’t a problem for you, you can visit their website and complete the simple application process. Essentially, the free application looks to find out more about you and your driving patterns. Just like online dating, it is just a matter of waiting for a match after you get accepted. Over the course of twelve months, different businesses will run campaigns at different times so it is all about finding the campaign that you and the brand will benefit from.

Just Drive…

Once you have been entered into a campaign, all you need to do is drive as you normally would in your vehicle that has been wrapped with the relevant ad. For many, there is a real concern regarding the wrapping itself but they are adhesive and made of vinyl so they will not cause any damage and will come off cleanly upon completion of the campaign. For an average campaign, you will have the advertisement for between three to six months and it will normally be the sides and rear window that will be used.

As you can see, this is a fantastic way to make money easily and fast while having fun at the same time. For the duration of the campaign, you will be paid $100 per month. If your campaign lasts for six months, you can earn $600 just by doing your normal daily tasks. If you drive around a lot every day anyway, this is a superb way to make money.

What’s more, Carvertise appreciates that there may be certain adverts that you may not feel comfortable with which means that you will always get the final say. If you have a particular brand that you don’t want on your car, you are well within your rights to reject the opportunity and wait for the next one.


In this world of money-making opportunities, Carvertise has provided a fantastic solution that helps businesses and individuals alike. If you are looking for a little extra money each month, this is a great way to earn without doing anything out of the ordinary. If you’re interested, head on over to the website today and get started by filling out the application form online!

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