Can I Buy Life Insurance on My Mother?

life insurance for my mother

Can I Buy Life Insurance for my Mom?

In the following article we will address how to get life insurance on your mother.

Typically, when we’re asked the question “can I get life insurance for my mother?” or “I want to get life insurance for my mom” it’s usually because the person calling in is worried about what would happen if their mother were to pass away without life insurance.  For example:

  • Who would pay for their burial or cremation?
  • How would her heirs survive “financially” after she was gone?

After all, if there isn’t any life insurance in place the question then becomes, “Is there a plan in place to make sure everyone would be taken care of in the event of your mother’s death?” The good news is, you can buy life insurance on someone else, you just need to know how.

In situations like these, the uninsured mother may be uninsured because:

  • They have some type of pre-existing condition preventing them from being able to find coverage or find affordable coverage.
  • They don’t feel that they need to have any life insurance.
  • Or they may simply not “believe” that life insurance is important.

This is why it can be difficult to get life insurance for mom when mom doesn’t want to be involved in the process of getting insured!

After all, depending on the types of life insurance being applied for, getting approved for life insurance may be considered too much work for these individuals who aren’t all that interested in getting insured in the first place!

The Real Question Behind “Can I buy life insurance for my mother?”

We’ve found that most of the time when we’re asked, “Can I buy life insurance for my mom?”, the person is asking the question because their mother just won’t seem to get life insurance on their own.

It may be due to reasons such as:

  • They don’t think they need it,
  • They don’t like doctors,
  • They don’t trust insurance companies,
  • They think it’s too creepy to talk about how the will one day die, or
  • Maybe it’s because they don’t believe they can afford any life insurance in the first place!

And the truth is, people will make up a million different reasons to avoid buying life insurance. But that doesn’t change the fact that one day, everyone, including your father, will die.


100% of all Americans will eventually die, and of those, only 52% will have life insurance in place.

So by asking “Can I get life insurance on my Mom?” what one is really asking is:

“Can I get life insurance on my mom without him taking an active role in the process?”

Short answer:  Yes.

Complete answer:  It depends.

Ok, so tell me how can I buy life insurance on my mother?

Let’s just assume that your mother is OK with you getting life insurance on her.  She’s OK with it, but she’s just not going to go out of her way to make it easy for you or the insurance company.

In cases like these, there are a few different insurance companies that will offer complete term life insurance coverage up to $500,000 that would go in force within 24 hours after a brief phone interview.

In our experiences, we’ve found that if you can:

  • Eliminate the need for a complete medical exam,
  • Allow everything to be completed over the phone in just a few minutes, and
  • Get rid of the long approval process, even the most stubborn applicant can be persuaded to get insured!

What if my mother isn’t willing to pay the premium herself?

This happens all the time!

Getting life insurance on mom might be hindered by the fact that mom doesn’t have the funds or does not agree to pay for the life insurance. Which is why a family member will often decide that they would like to pay for the life insurance for their loved one, so that there will be insurance in place when the time comes.

Attention:  Insurance companies get a little sensitive about this one.  After all, insurance carriers don’t really want to find themselves allowing someone to insure another individual without the insured having knowledge of the fact.  For this reason, some carriers (but not all) may require the initial payment to be made by the insured, and then switched to another individual after the first premium is collected.

This is where working with TermLife2Go can make all the difference in the world because with dozens of different insurance carriers to choose from, we’re sure to find one with a payment method that will work for even the most difficult of situations.

About TermLife2Go:

We’re looking for lifetime customers that will recommend their friends and family to us which is why we place customer satisfaction above all else.

Our promise to you is that if we’re reasonably sure that we can help, we’re not going to waste your time!  Our goal here at TermLife2Go is to get you and your family the best possible life insurance policy available for you, not just quote you something you’ll never be able to qualify for!

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Instant Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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  1. Shakeela Liddell

    I need a policy on my mother. She has a $300k mortgage and other debts that would need to be paid in the event of her death. She is a healthy 66 year old.

  2. Phillip Shay

    My Mother is 67 she has no life insurance so I told her I would get it and pay on it to cover any expenses that will arise when she passes 1 day, she thinks she is young and healthy and doesn’t need to get it herself right now but she smokes, she is old, and her health is not the best.

    • TermLife2Go

      Hi Phillip,

      We’d be happy to assist you in your search for a life insurance policy for your mother. Give us a call at 888-234-8376 and one of our agents can help you out.

  3. Alicia C.

    My mom has 3 stage cancer i get a lot of help from her and when she moves on i will be in bad shape can i get any help qith a polocy could i even get a policy she is termanal

    • TermLife2Go


      We’re sorry to hear about your mother, and would be happy to do anything we can to help you find insurance for her.

      The problem will be that the only life insurance policies that will be willing to provide coverage for her at this point will contain a “graded death benefit” which will limit when the insurance policy will begin providing coverage for “natural” causes of death.

      That said, they will provide coverage for “accidental” causes of death immediately and may still be a good option for you to consider. Our recommendation would be to give us a call so that you can learn more about these “types” of policies so that you and your mother can determine if purchasing one make sense in your situation.



  4. pernecia c

    My mother is in her 60s and has no type of life insurance, I was told that if something happened I am the eldest child and could be responsible

    • TermLife2Go


      We’re assuming that by “could be responsible” you may be on the “hook” for burial expenses. And while people may look to you to have those paid, “technically” that isn’t your responsibility. That said however, if your mother doesn’t have any final expense insurance in place, now may be a good time to correct that.

      So, please be on the lookout for an email from one or our agents who will be happy to go over your options with you.



  5. Laura D

    I would like to find out about getting an affordable policy for myself and for my mother as well- she is 81 but in excellent health, never smoked, active daily, not overweight with average BMI,
    NO health problems, rarely ever gets sick and takes NO medication!
    She even looks 10 years younger ?

    The information below is for me but I wasn’t sure about the ” health class”
    Thank you

    • TermLife2Go


      Sounds good, we will have an agent reach out to you shortly with some additional questions so that we can get a better idea on what “types” of life insurance policies may work out the best for you and your mother as well as how much coverage you are both looking for.



  6. Larry

    My Adult child wants to take out a 300,000 dollar insurance on me. I do not feel that is necessary because I already have a 20,000 life insurance with no debt. He/she does want it for personal use not to cremate me. He/she lives in another state and we have always been estranged. Can he/she still do this if he/she has my social security number? Thanks

    • TermLife2Go


      In order for your child to purchase a life insurance policy on you, he/she would need to get your approval first. This is one of the first requirements that an insurance company will ask for prior to putting a life insurance policy in place. Additionally, in order to qualify for such a large amount of coverage ($300,000), the insurance companies would also likely require that you take a medical exam and/or answer a whole series of medical questions before they would even consider approving your application.

      So… we don’t think you have anything to worry about with regards to your child being able to take out a life insurance policy on you without your knowledge.



  7. Lynn

    I live in California, I’m wanting to get furneral insurance for my mother (she lives in Texas) with a cash value 30K, and I will be purchasing as owner and beneficiary. Also my sister did buy life insurance for my mom too ( but she bought it for her purposes use, it’s not for mom’s furneral). My question is; will this affect her Medicaid/Medical or SSI benefits if I am starting buying furneral insurance for my mom as the owner and not transferring ownership?

    • TermLife2Go


      Because the cash value with most burial life insurance policies is so small and takes so long to accumulate, we really haven’t encountered anyone who has had it’s “cash value” become an issue for them with regards to their Medicaid or SSI benefits.

      That being said however, each individuals situation is unique so we would suggest that you direct this question to Medicaid or the SSI department to be 100% certain that you won’t have any issues in the future.

      We simply wouldn’t want to give you any information that wasn’t accurate.



  8. nece

    I like to purchase a life insurance for my mom, if I could ,she is 79yrs old and I want to be able to take care of some if not all the arrangement when that time come. I was told she has about a $5000 insurance policy, which I don’t feel its enough, there is so much more ,like bills and medical expensive to settle out.

    • TermLife2Go


      Sounds like you may need to get a little bit more coverage in place. Why don’t you just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.



    • TermLife2Go


      Sounds good, just give us a call and we’ll take a look at some options that may be available.



    • TermLife2Go


      Sounds good, just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to help you out!



    • TermLife2Go


      Sounds good, we would just need to speak with her first so that we can learn what types of life insurance policies she will be eligible for. For this reason, why don’t you just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.



  9. Michael P.

    Widowed mother in law, age 66, is concerned that her $10,000 life insurance policy with Minnesota Life will be insufficient for both paying for her funeral expenses plus provide for the well-being of her two surviving daughters. As her son in law, and at her request, I am searching for viable life insurance options for her. She has no major health complications that we are aware of, and I am willing to assist in premium payments as neccessary as she is income limited.

    Thank you.

    • TermLife2Go


      We’ll certainly be able to help you out,so just give us a call and we’ll take a look at what your options are.



  10. Arletha

    My mother is dying and needs life insuarnce asap. How can I get it.
    At a affortable price asap thanks call me 832-XXX-XXXX

  11. Heidi

    I would like to buy life insurance for my mom (my father died in 2002), but my mother doesn’t believe she can get any additional coverage. She has a $10,000 policy that would just barely cover her burial expenses. My brother & I would be left paying off her $400,000 home & getting rid of mountains of stuff she has hoarded through the years. Also, I currently live with her & would have to find somewhere else to live for myself & my 3 daughters. Please help!

    • TermLife2Go


      For certain types of life insurance policies, it is true that one may need to demonstrate that they can “financially” qualify in addition to “medically” qualify for coverage.

      So, without knowing more about your mother’s situation, we wouldn’t really be able to comment on how much additional coverage your mother may or may not be able to qualify for, particularly if you’re looking for a $400,000 dollar life insurance policy.

      Now on the other hand, if you are simply looking to supplement your mother existing $10,000 dollar life insurance policy with another 10-25 thousand dollar life insurance policy, “financial” justification shouldn’t necessarily play a role in determining eligibility.

      Your best bet, would probably be to just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our very best to help you and your family out.



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