Top 13 Best Part Time Jobs [Mastering The “GIG” Economy]

make money fast part time jobs

At the end of the day, who couldn’t use a few more bucks in their pocket?  Especially if those “bucks” were easy to come by!


This is why, we here at TermLife2Go have chosen to write this brief article detailing some of the “Best” part time jobs that our clients use in order to supplement their own household incomes.

But who what’s to go looking for a part time job!

Exactly, this is why we’ve chosen to write our “Top 13 Best Part Time Jobs” article and focus it on part time jobs that:

  • Are easily obtainable.
  • Provide flexible work hours.
  • And are FUN!

But before we go any further…

Let’s also take a moment and explain why a life insurance agency would decide to write an article about finding a great part time job?  After all, what does life insurance have to do with any of this?

And the answer to this question is simple…

Here at TermLife2Go, our primary mission is to help families obtain financial security, which is why we have written a whole series of articles on how to make money.  So, if you can achieve this goal by finding an additional part time job, that’s GREAT!

But do we honestly believe that a part time job is going to accomplish this?

No, we don’t.

But since we do work with individuals all over the country, and since most life insurance applications are going to ask what one does for a living and how much money they earn doing that job, we here at TermLIfe2Go find ourselves in a unique situation in that we know a lot about different “types” of jobs and how much money people earn by doing them.

And while we…

Would love you to use the information, that we’re about to share with you, to earn enough money to then go on to purchase a life insurance policy, we know that not everyone needs to purchase a life insurance policy.

In fact…

If you don’t have anyone depending on you “financially” purchasing a life insurance policy could be a complete waste of money!


If you do have folks who depend on you financially, and those folks would suffer a huge financial loss if you were to die prematurely, then we would strongly encourage you to consider purchasing a cheap life insurance policy with all the extra money you’re about to earn with your new part time job!

And there you have it…

Our motivation is your financial security, whether that be by finding a great new part time job, or by purchasing an affordable life insurance policy.

Either way we’re happy!

So, without further ado… Let’s count down TermLife2Go’s Top 13 Best Part Time Jobs that someone can get started on right away!


  1. UBER or Lyft.

No real surprise here, after all, it’s getting harder and harder nowadays to find a car that doesn’t have an Uber or Lyft sticker on it.  Which should tell you something about whether or not folks are finding success at being an Uber or Lyft driver.


Drivers seem to come for all walks of life so it’s not a though this is a position that is best “suited” for any one “type” of individual.  For more information about becoming an Uber or Lyft driver, we would recommend that you check out our article dedicated to this topic at working for Uber or Lyft or visit the Uber and/or Lyft sites directly to learn how to apply!

  1. Love Animals?

Are you really working if you’re doing what you love?  Who knows but one thing that we’ve found is that many of our most “content” clients are ones that have been able to pair up their natural love for animals with a career that allows them work with animals all day!

Now some of these career paths are going to require extensive education as we’ve outline in our article jobs working with animals, while others simply require that you know where to look!

One great way to “break” into the industry is to take advantage of some of the great opportunities offered by companies like Rover or Dogvacay which allow you to work full or part time as a “dog sitter” or “dog walker”.

Word of caution before we proceed…

There are dangers in finding a part time job that you love.  You may find yourself unexplainably “chipper” and may ultimately leave you’re “full time” job for something you find much more satisfying!


  1. Become a Mystery Shopper.

Believe it or not, this job actually exists, you just need to be careful when researching this position because you never know what type of “email” list you may find yourself on when “applying” for this position.  For this reason, we’ve written an article discussion how to become a mystery shopper.

But beware…

For many of us, the need to obtain a part time job is often cause by inability to “contain” our own spending.  So… if you find that you love to shop, this may not be the “best” part time job for you because it could be used as an excuse to spend to much time at the local shopping mall!

  1. Work at Concerts or Sporting Events.

Ok, this opportunity is one of our favorites because it “kills two birds with one stone”.  Not only do you get to earn a few bucks on the side, you also get to save a TON of money on tickets!

Don’t believe us?  We challenge you to do a quick search on what concerts are coming to your town and ask yourself would you like to have an opportunity to go to that show for free?

Now we’re not suggesting that you become a “Roadie” or work security, you’ll want to find a position that is best suited for you personally, with an emphasis on being able to watch and listen to the show!

  1. Advertise to clean out people’s garages.

Here’s another two-fold opportunity.  By placing a local ad advertising that you’re willing to help people clean out their garages for a fee, not only are you going to give yourself an opportunity to earn a few bucks, you’re also going to have an opportunity to “Salvage” any unwanted items.

For this opportunity, its best to own a truck and be in good shape, but just image all the things people simply throw away because they don’t have the time or motivation to sell on craigslist or Ebay!

There’s gold in them there garages!  You just need to be willing to dig it up!

  1. Speak a Second Language?

It’s amazing how few bilingual individuals fully utilize this unbelievable gift that they have.  This is probably because it’s difficult to “monetize” their skill set particularly when it comes to seeking out a part time job.

The good news is…

That with the global economy being what it is and sites like Fiverr that can help you make extra money for all folks with various types of skill sets find quick and easy opportunities online, if you have the ability to translate one language to another, guess what?

You already have a part time job waiting for you, you just don’t know it yet.  For more information on how you can utilize your talents, we would advise you to check out our article on

  1. Take online surveys.

There are many survey site companies that will actually pay people to take online surveys. Some of these surveys are a bit lengthy, but you might get paid as much as $5 or $10 per survey.

Now you may be thinking to yourself…

“I’ll have to take surveys forever to make any “real” money!”

And your right.  But ask yourself how many hours have you spent playing:

  • Angry Birds,
  • Candy Crush,
  • Or Plants vs Zombies?

If it’s half as much time as most of us have, chances are you’ve got a few minutes in your day to “crank” out a few surveys.  Just think of it this way, one or two surveys a day ends up taking care of your next car payment!

Word or caution however…

Some surveys will only pay you in products. The good thing about getting paid to take surveys is that you can do it whenever you want.

Some survey sites to find gigs online include:

  1. I’m not artistic, but I can paint a wall.

Paint houses on the weekends.  You’ve got to admit that there are few businesses out there that require less capital investment that some painters tape, a drop cloth and some brushes!

Plus, some people really love painting and it’s not easy!  So, if you have the patience and the skill it takes to be a great interior or exterior painter go for it!  There’s a lot of money that can be made as a part time weekend painter.

  1. Let your car work for you, through Carvertise!

Now if painting houses or cleaning out garages is your thing, maybe this one will be a winner for you, try wrapping your car in advertising and let your car do the work for you!


You’re not going to make as much money as someone who is spending hours upon hours working away, but you’re also not going to break a sweat either.

But before you get too excited about this idea it’s important to understand that the advertisers that are going to be paying you for using your car don’t necessarily want their “brand” wrapped all around a 1988 YUGO GV!

Which means that there will be some qualifications your vehicle will need to meet before it will qualify to become a “fleet” vehicle.  For more information about becoming a “Carvertiser” feel free to check out our article:  Carvertise – How Car Advertising can Create Cash Flow.

  1. Shovel snow or better yet, invest in a snow blower!

Ok, now this idea is clearing going to be a regional and seasonal opportunity, however that being said, with a small investment, there is plenty of money to be made by offering to clear folk’s sidewalks and walk ways for a few bucks.

Our advice is to first negotiate a price, then break out your Toro Power Clear 721E that can blow snow up to 35 feet away…. (Insert manly grunt here).

Now we all know neighborhoods are for neighbor’s which is why this idea may not last forever, but that being said however right now, Airbnb is a great way to make a few extra bucks.  For more information about Airbnb, we would recommend that you check out are article focusing specifically on Airbnb.

  1. Turn a hobby into a business using Etsy.

If you love to do woodwork, pottery, or crafts, why not turn this passion into a business and sell your work on a site like

Haven’t heard of Etsy?

We’ll then let us be the first to introduce you to them.  Etsy is a website that allows artisans to create their own online business where they can sell their work directly to their customers.

To be successful and make money selling on Etsy you’ll need:

  • To have a great product to sell,
  • An active social media presence that can direct people to your Etsy storefront,
  • And/or Word of mouth (enlist the help of your friends)

How much can you make on Etsy?

That’s going to totally depend on what you’re offering and how well you can market yourself.  But if you trying to sell something that you love making, and you’re not depending on your Etsy income to make ends meat, starting an Etsy store can become a really fun hobby that has the upside of possible making you a very wealth person.

 In fact…

Some sellers on Etsy report making nearly $50,000 dollars a month.  Now are we suggesting you’ll do this?  No, we’re not.  But if you’re able to have fun doing what you love and are able to make a few bucks doing it, isn’t that a definition of being truly wealthy!

  1. Become a Local Cousin.

If you love your city and don’t mind showing people around, then you should definitely sign up for  Local Cousin is an app and website that connects travelers with locals.

The job of the local is to give expert “inside information”. The travelers pay to ask questions or for recommendations. Basically, you’ll get paid for talking about your city!

This is also a great way for you to become an expert on your hometown as well and find all those really cool places to go to and eat at, just like they do on the travel shows!

  1. Become an Entrepreneur!

Now we’re being intentionally vague here because only you know what you’re good at.  And what we’ve found is that there are 3 main reasons why people fail to become an entrepreneur.  They’re either:

  • Afraid of failing.
  • Afraid of losing money.
  • Or claim they don’t have the time.

Which in the past were all great reasons for failing to try! But in today’s economy, we’re sorry we’re simply not going to allow you to use these excuses any longer!

Which is why we’re going to show you how you can become an Entrepreneur without being “blocked” by these three classic excuses.

Now our “solution”…

Is going to utilize a website called, but could utilize any number of other “service” websites that are out there.

So, what we want you to do is visit and look at what services are already being offered on this site.  From there you’ll want to make a list of services that you thing you might be able to offer as well and give it a try.

Not sure you can provide any services that are listed?

Well how about providing short testimonials for other products?  Can you do that?  If so, that could be your first step into a world where your “concept” of what it means to go to work will be forever changed.

One success story, has an amazing ability to lead to another and then another.

Now should you be afraid of failing? 

No, why should you be?  You’re not investing anything and if you don’t tell anyone that your giving this a try, no one will know if you failed.

Should you be afraid of losing money?

Selling your services on Fiverr doesn’t “cost” you any money.  Fiverr just takes a portion of what you earn.

Don’t have enough time?

We’ll we can’t do much about that, but chances are, if you really ask yourself:

“Can I spare a few hours after dinner and before I go to bed, to create my own business?”

You’ll probably find that not only do you have enough time, you’ll be amazed at just how much time is wasted on doing things that you don’t actually enjoy anyways!  For more information about becoming a “vendor” on Fiverr, we would suggest that you check out our article: Making money on Fiverr.


For those who simply aren’t in a position where they can “drop” everything and suddenly take on a second job, we didn’t want to leave you leave you feeling sad and blue!

This is why…

We’ve chosen also to write an article The Best Money Making Apps to help those who may not be able take on a second part time job right away, but can begin to slowly “phase” themselves into that chapter in their life!

And there you have it…

TermlIfe2Go’s Top 13 Best Part Time Jobs.  Now we hope that you enjoyed reading our article and we really hope that you find an idea that may work out for you and your family.

We also hope that while looking at the “short” term financial security of your family you also take a moment to consider whether or not your family “long” term financial security is taken care of as well.

If not, feel free to take a look at our Life Insurance Quotes page where you’ll be able to see what it might cost for you to be able to purchase a life insurance policy that will instantly provide financial protection for you and your family.

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