Best Life Insurance Rates for a 39 Year Old.

Life insurance 39 year oldFinding the best coverage at age 39 begins with knowing who the best insurance companies and no medical exam life insurance companies are. From there, you will want to contact an agency, like TermLife2Go, that can impartially shop for you, based on your unique need, health and lifestyle.

Life insurance for a 39 year old.

Deciding that it is time to buy life insurance at age 39 instead of when you turn 40 is an intelligent choice.  It’s an intelligent choice because, up till now, there really isn’t that big of a change in rates from year to year.

But once you get into your 40s and 50s that just not isn’t the case anymore. Life insurance rates start ratcheting up year over year once you reach age 40.

Now you may be wondering,

“What’s the big difference between a 39 year old applying for life insurance and a 40 year old applying for life insurance?”

And the truth is, there probably isn’t that much of a difference when you look at the two applicants in the here and now. But insurance companies aren’t concerned about the here and now.  Life insurance companies are concerned about you 20 or 30 years from now, where the difference between being 39 as opposed to 40 may be a big deal.

With that in mind, before you decide on how much life insurance to get, just think for a moment: what would happen to your family if you were to die today?  What would happen to your family if they could no longer count on:

  • The income you provide?
  • What you do at home?
  • The mortgage being paid?
  • School tuition being saved?
  • Etc…etc.

It’s questions like these that make a lot of clients ponder the dace amount they need to protect their family. Which is why getting life insurance age 30+, i.e. before your turn 40, is so important because life insurance rates at age 39 should still be:

Affordable Life Insurance for a 39 year old.

Buying life insurance at age 39 should be pretty affordable because at age 39, most applicants are going to be pretty healthy thereby making a 20 to 30 year term policy a low risk policy for most insurance companies. What this means to you as a consumer is that the insurance companies are going to be really aggressive when it comes time to earning your business. Even no exam life insurance companies will offer really low rates and many different hassle free options (such as non medical exams) when applying for life insurance.

For example, a 39 year old male in perfect health applying for $250,000 of life insurance on a 20 year fixed term would pay a little more than $16 a month with SBLI and a little over $17 with Protective Life, both A+ rated life insurance carriers. Another option would be a non medical term life insurance policy with a face amount of $250,000 on a 20 year fixed term for a little more than $28 a month. A a 39 year old male in perfect health applying for $250,000 universal life policy would pay a little over $104 a month.

And life insurance for 39 year old females is even less, coming in around $15 for a healthy 39 year old woman. Think of how many things you spend more than $15 on in a month. Don’t you think the peace of mind of a $250,000 life insurance policy trumps most of the trivial stuff we all waste our money on?

Easy to qualify for:

Qualifying for life insurance at age 39 should also be pretty easy as well because as stated before, applicants at age 39 are generally in good health.  Few of these applicants will have been diagnosed with one of the common conditions that complicate getting life insurance or make life insurance more expensive to purchase. Conditions such as:

For this reason, it’s very important to lock in your coverage now because if you do become diagnosed with one of these conditions later on, although it’s not necessarily going to disqualify you from getting coverage , it will definitely make it more expensive. And let’s face it, you are never going to be younger than you are today. And age is a huge factor in how life insurance rates are determined.

Best Life Insurance rates for a 39 year old male and female.


Sample life insurance age 39 quotes for a male in perfect health.

Face Amount
10 year
20 year
30 year
GUL to 121
$17.91 (no med)


Sample life insurance age 39 quotes for a female in perfect health.

Face Amount
10 year
20 year
30 year
GUL to 121
$14.39 (no med)


For more quotes, please see our life insurance rates by age chart.

More options to choose from:

Buying life insurance at age 39 is also going to give you a lot more options to choose from.  Since most 39 year old applicants are going to be pretty healthy their “starting rate” is going to be pretty low.  Which means that clients applying for life insurance should be encouraged to look at all the types of life insurance policies available to them. Options such as:

  • 25 and 30 year Term Life Insurance policies.
  • Return of Premium Insurance policies.
  • Whole life insurance policies.
  • And Universal Life Insurance policies.

Because at age 39 it may still make sense to try and lock down coverage for your entire life, rather than for just a few decades. With all the options available to you, you may feel overwhelmed. Often, when people feel overwhelmed the end up not making a choice at all. Instead of being overwhelmed, let our group of seasoned life insurance professionals at TermLife2Go help you in your decision making process. That way you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you made the right choice.


We know that for a lot of individuals, especially those who are just starting a family, having a “ton” of discretionary income simply isn’t a reality.  So, despite the fact that you may have all the reasons in the world to purchase a term or whole life insurance policy right now, having the “funds” to do so just isn’t possible!

For this reason…

We’ve also chosen to write several articles sharing some of the knowledge that we have acquired over the years working with 1000’s of clients concerning how they earn a living.

You see, nearly every time we complete a life insurance application for one of our clients, one of the first questions that we need to ask is:

“what do you do for a living?” and “what would you estimate your annual income as?

Which means that over the years, we’ve become really familiar with a wide range of different career paths and opportunities that a person can take.  Some of which you would probably never think of on your own!

And since we still have your attention…

One can assume that “most” folks who end up purchasing a term or whole life insurance policy do so, so that their loved ones would be protected “financially” in the event of their death.

But what happens if you get sick but don’t die?

Would your family’s financial future still be protected?  Probably not.  This is why we like to encourage folks to also take a look at some of our other articles that discuss other “types” of insurance policies as well so that regardless of what happens in the future, your family will be well prepared:

And because…

Our number one goal here at TermLife2Go is to help individuals and families secure their own financial security and independence, we wanted to share with you what we’ve learned.

So, after you’ve had a chance to visit our Term Life Insurance Quotes page feel free to check out our 100 Ways to Make Money Fast and our Top 23 Apps That Will Make You Money.

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