Best Jobs for College Students [Top 20 Online and Offline Jobs]

When I was in college I traded stocks. As things were going well, I made a lot of fast money, particularly for a college student. The 2000 stock market crash came and it almost all disappeared over the next 2 years. It was painful at the time but I learned so much about my own emotions, markets, risk/reward, leverage and on and on.

There are a lot of paths we take in life, including what we decide to do while in college. You can study a ton, you can party a ton, and you can work a ton. The fact is, many college students are going to have very little actual responsibilities other than what you prioritize for yourself.

And before you disagree with this statement…

We will acknowledge that there are some college students who won’t fit this mold.  The could be :

  • Student athletes on scholarships,
  • Working parents,
  • Or just really independent individuals who don’t have much financial support other than themselves and the loans that they are taking!

And if you are one of these “types” of students, we understand that you probably have a “TON” on your plate right now, which is why this article could be helpful to you because in the article, we’re going to try and highlight some of the more “flexible” ways one can earn money during college.

That said however…

If you’re just a “normal” college student, but you think that your “super’ busy right now, you should probably ask yourself a few questions first:

  • Do you have a job right now?
  • How often do you sleep past 9 am every week?
  • How many hours a week do you spend watching TV or participating on social media?
  • And how much debt are your currently accruing right now that will be waiting for you 6 months after graduation?

So… do you still think your too busy?  Or perhaps you don’t like the answer about all that debt you may be accruing.  Either way, this article isn’t designed to scare you, it was just written so that you might be able to take advantage of this time in your life and:

  • Possibly get a “jump start” on a career?
  • Avoid taking out too many loans.
  • Or maybe just find a fun way to help “finance” a better college experience!

So, what is it going to be? What are YOU going to do?

We put together our best jobs for college students list so you can get a feel for what is out there. The first thing that you’ll want to do is check your Indeed job board, local Craigslist or the school career center and start exploring your options. College is a time to experiment, to find your calling, as they say.

The bottom line is, don’t let this time just “slip away”.  Try some of the suggestions below, HECK try them all. Find out what you are good at, and then do it!

The key is not finding what you love, so much as it is finding what you are particularly skilled at. Then pursue it with all your will, heart and strength. If you do that, there is a good chance success will find you.

Also remember… failing at this time in your life isn’t a bad thing!  In fact, failing at this time in your life can be extremely valuable.  Chances are, you’re failure will show you what you’re good and not so good at as well as give you an honest assessment on how “hard” you tired.  So, without further a do, we hope that you enjoy our Top 10 Best Online Jobs for college students and encourage you to leave a comment letting us know what you think.

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Top 10 Best Online Jobs for College Students

Create an App

If you have any inkling towards how an app is made, then trying your hand out at making an app is a great way to go. We have a couple articles on money making apps and apps that save you money. You can make an app that helps people out or you can simply create an app that fills your own personal need. Who knows, someone else may be looking for the exact same thing.

Freelance Work

Over the years, the internet has expanded somewhat which means more of the best jobs for college students are now found online. If you have a talent for writing, graphic design, or perhaps even creating jingles, you can work freelance either on a freelance platform or after building your own website. Sites like fiverr and upwork are great platforms for getting your name out there.

Customer Service Rep

If you have people skills, then part-time customer service rep jobs are in abundance. You can find companies willing to set you up with a computer and remote training. You just need a place where you can conduct your business on the weekends.

For example, Estately has you work 6-8 hour shifts on the weekends. Clients call in looking to set up meetings with Real Estate agents. You take their information, perform scheduling and pass the information over to the agents.

Social Media Manager

In life, there are some jobs designed for certain demographics in life. For example, social media experts tend to be younger because we’ve grown up surrounded by technology from a very early age. Meanwhile, the older generations just don’t have the same ability because they’ve had to learn everything from scratch while removing other pieces of knowledge that no longer applies.

These days, businesses are looking for new ways to connect with customers and therefore you can help them with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and all their social media needs.


If you can offer a particular skill, you’re likely to earn more money so the same is true for translating. While some choose to pursue a role in a business, others will go online to freelance and task-based websites to find work; either can be successful if you take the right steps. Today, translation is still in demand just as it has been for many years.


A good transcriptionist in the right field can make between $0.75-$1.75 per transcription page. Personally, I can’t type very fast. But if you have the skills to type more than 60 WPM, you have a great shot at making a lot of money in a short period of time transcribing. There are different types of transcription jobs, ranging from more general in nature, to financial, business, medical and legal transcription jobs.

Virtual Assistance

For small businesses in your area, they might not have a customer service team because they can’t afford to hire somebody full-time. Therefore, why don’t you offer your services when the hours suit you both? As a virtual assistant, you can work from home while replying to emails, tweets, and Facebook messages. With you freeing this time up for their full-time employees, they suddenly have more time to focus on the more important tasks.

Blogging for Money

On the one hand, you could start your own blog and try to build it up to the point where you can earn money through affiliate marketing and selling advertising space. If you have the time and patience to do this, it can be worthwhile and we’ve seen many college students have success with it.

On the other hand, you can receive a more reliable and quicker income by writing blog posts for others. Nowadays, thousands of blogs on the internet will pay for contributors so it just takes a little research. And the pay can be quite good, with most blogs willing to pay from .03 to .08 cents per word, based on your expertise. A 1,000 word article would pay you $30 – $80.

Software Engineering

If your college course is geared towards software engineering, companies in the area will consider you a valuable asset even before you graduate. By joining the company now while you’re in demand, you set yourself up for a successful future whether it’s with the same company or another after you graduate.

Selling Homemade Products

Do you enjoy your spare time by making things and selling them to friends? If so, why not expand this idea and start selling to a wider audience on the internet? While you should see demand throughout the year, if you can market the products effectively, this will be especially popular around the holidays. As people look for gifts and ornaments for their holiday decoration, you can take advantage of this fact and earn money on Etsy or even just on Facebook.

Online Coach

Becoming a online coach is another top job for college students if you are a highly motivational, positive person. Having a high health IQ is a plus. As an online coach, your job is to motivate and manage your client’s fitness goals through workouts, nutrition plans, and overall encouragement and assistance.

Top 10 Best Offline Jobs for College Students

Local Book Shop

Despite the growth of e-readers and Kindles, people still read physical books. In fact, they’re starting to make a comeback and this is especially true for those located within a college town. Not only will you find it easier to get books for college, you might also get a discount on all books which makes college suddenly cheaper.


Although this one requires training and a certification, this is an option that’s especially rewarding. As you sit by the pool, you ensure everybody has a safe and enjoyable experience while always being ready to jump in whenever necessary. With young co-workers, it makes for an enjoyable working environment and it could provide you with a discount to all sorts of sports facilities if the pool is a part of a sports complex.

Kennel Help

Do you love working with animals? What better way to spend your spare time and make some money then working at a kennel? You can work as a groomer, front desk attendant and animal care technician. You can look for jobs in kennels and animal shelters.


There’s a reason why becoming a part of the wait staff or cooking team in the local restaurant is often in the ‘best jobs for college students’ lists; it’s flexible, offers the ideal hours, gives genuine work experience, and allows key skills to be learned. Whether you’re dealing with customers or cooking behind-the-scenes, you’re always learning key skills that’ll be invaluable when it comes to getting your first career role. When up against other college graduates who didn’t have the same experience, you’ll be preferred because they’ll see you can knuckle down and get your hands dirty.

Food Truck Staff

Sticking with the same theme, food trucks are steadily growing in popularity and it’s a much more relaxed environment compared to a restaurant. As well as learning customer service skills and dealing with money, you could be working in a different location with every shift.


If there’s a service that’ll always be required in the world, the role of the mechanic is certainly up there because motor vehicles are so valuable in society today. If you have experience in this field or want to do something similar as a career, this hands-on experience with cars and bikes could be important.


Here is an interesting part-time job for college students. You can be a newborn photographer at your local hospital. There are companies that hire you to head on over to your local hospital when a newborn baby arrives and take pictures. If you enjoy babies, are a good photographer and you don’t mind hospitals, this could be the ideal college job for you to earn some extra cash.

Photographer’s Assistant

If you’re currently taking a photography course at college, what better way to earn money than to work alongside a local photographer? Often, photographers will work evenings and weekends for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events; this makes it perfect for college students.

Library Assistant

With physical books becoming popular once again, this has also led to the resurgence of libraries. Once again, you’ll have access to all the books you could ever want and need. However, you can also interact with customers and use your breaks to get some work done.


Now, we like this suggestion for two reasons; firstly, there are several websites online that allow you to find customers within seconds. For example, TaskRabbit has tasks you can complete for a fee while JobRunners includes admin support, handyman work, and cleaning jobs in the area.

Secondly, there are a significant number of college students who don’t want to do simple errands. If you have the motivation, you could offer your services to help them out. By offering cleaning, washing, and other simple services, they might think they have the world in their hands but you’re the one laughing by taking money for easy jobs.


Assuming you’re old enough, and have some training, bartending is a great job in college. Likely to be within walking distance of campus, bars tend to have a cool social scene, you can work around college, the earnings are good (with tips, of course!), and you’ll gain customer service skills. And don’t limit your search to just local taverns and restaurants. There are many other gigs available for bartenders, such as catering and sunset dining cruises.


In truth, there are several avenues you could take with this one. If you want to do face-to-face tutoring, parents quite like their children to learn from college students because they can relate (plus, you know how education works and what the teachers are looking for). If you don’t mind tutoring online, there are now plenty of websites that can make this happen. With websites such as TakeLessons and StudySoup, you can work flexible hours for good pay.

Fitness Instructor

For most college students, they feel bad for not exercising so use a lack of money as an excuse. If you’re naturally athletic and motivated, you can run fitness classes for people on the campus. For a small fee, why not show all your fellow students how they can stay fit while having fun and spending very little?

Meditation/Yoga Classes

Following the same sort of idea, sometimes students just need to relax (we’re sure you and your classmates have all been stressed at one point or another!). Therefore, they’ll be willing to pay once a week to just relax and lose all tension. As long as the class is worthwhile, interest will generate and you can lay on more classes.

Boutique Sales Associate

If you want to go into this field and can offer a bubbly personality, a boutique is the perfect place for you. Normally, they’ll hire college students for afternoons and weekends. While earning money, you might also get a discount for accessories and clothing.


Although some coffee shops and cafes will ask for experience, some will be willing to train you and it makes for a perfect way to earn money. Around campus, you’ve probably got several cafes so this will give you a chance to meet students, earn money, and gain work experience.


Do you like driving and running? You can combine those two skills into one awesome job that pays great tips. And if you learn the business, many budding entrepreneurs have chosen valet services as their first business.No better way to gain experience than hands on.


Whether you look after their child as the parents enjoy a night out or their house as they go on vacation, these types of jobs are always in demand. According to a recent report, nannies have an average salary of just under $13 and you can get some work done while the children are in bed. With housesitting, it could just become your private haven for work (and you’re getting paid at the same time!).

Bank Teller

With this one, you have a job with many benefits because you can earn money while also learning about money. With free advice at your fingertips, you might find ways of paying off your college debt sooner or saving in the most efficient manner.

Campus Tour Guide

Regardless of how long you’ve been at the campus, you’ll find opportunities to earn money as a campus tour guide. By working with the admissions department, you can give personal tours to prospective students and their families. As long as you’re outgoing and friendly, you can show all potential students what they would get at your particular college.

Front Desk at Fitness Studio

Earlier, we brought you an opportunity to run your own fitness classes but you could also work on the front desk at a fitness facility too. If you find self-motivation easy, you can get others in great shape while earning money. As an employee, you should also get free (or discounted) access to the equipment and machines.

Ice Cream Shop Assistant

Joining an ice cream shop may be one of the best jobs for college students around. For the most part, you won’t need experience and you can enjoy the superb social life that comes with this type of work.

Smoothie Maker

By ‘smoothie maker’, we aren’t suggesting you become the machine that mixes all the ingredients together. Instead, smoothies are still increasing in popularity these days so look out for new stores near you and see if you can get a job. Since people aren’t looking for late-night smoothies, they tend to close quite early which leaves you to get back to your room and do some work (or see your friends!).

Administrative Assistant

With this suggestion, you have a wealth of companies to choose from but choose wisely because there could be an opportunity to join full-time after finishing college. For example, helping with some administrative work in a law firm would be a brilliant move if you’re studying law. As long as you tell them of your studies in the interview, you can discuss potential plans to change roles once you graduate.

Sales Intern

Unfortunately, interns aren’t necessarily well-paid (or even paid at all!). However, we believe the experience you can gain from a marketing or sales internship to be too valuable not to include in our extensive list. Before ruling out this idea completely, think of it as an investment for your future.

Study Participant

These days, scientists and medical experts are always looking for people to participate in medical research and studies. Whether they want you to test a particular sleeping method or even a strange diet, you’ll remain safe so long as you stick with the university-based studies. In terms of making money, this won’t promise a regular income but each study will pay well.

Dorm Receptionist

Do you find yourself staying up late most nights? If so, the role of dorm receptionist would be ideal since it starts late and ends at around two or three in the morning. Normally, homework is allowed while working so you can get paid to get your work done. With a few hours each night of doing nothing, you now have no excuse to complete your work on-time; you can even spend the early evening hours with friends so you don’t have to miss out.

If you can’t operate in the mornings without a full night of sleep, we advise steering clear of this one because it could get you into a spot of bother; your earning should never get in the way of your education.


With the likes of Lyft and Uber becoming extremely popular in recent years, you can now earn money by driving people from A to B. Of course, you’ll need to be the right age for this as well as having correct insurance. If you pass all the requirements, though, this is a fantastic suggestion because you only need to drive when you have the free time. With flexible hours, working can fit around college and you also get valuable driving experience on the roads which builds confidence.

Give Up Your Extra Room

Although this won’t be available for everybody, you could always make money by renting out a spare room. Even if you do it just for Thanksgiving and Christmas as people make their way into town to see their families, Airbnb and Homestay give you a chance to make money for a room you don’t use or need.

Campus Jobs

In truth, there are probably more jobs than you realize on your campus so speak with people from all departments and find the real opportunities. Whether it’s in maintenance, as a research assistant, math assistant, tour guide, cleaner, or any other, you can stay close and have fun while earning. Also, head online because your college might have a student employment center.

Sports Instructor

Do you play sport at a high level? Whether it’s scuba diving or badminton, football or basketball, parents are always looking to help their children progress while adults could also use some help. If you feel as though you could improve the game of others, why not offer your services? Since this is also rewarding, it easily finds its place as one of the best jobs for college students.


Going back to the topic of campus jobs, teachers and lecturers very rarely grade 500 pieces of work because this would leave them with no sleep (let alone free time). Therefore, they hire help and, although a little tedious, the workload is typically spread out and you can earn a few dollars.

Gadget Specialist

Do you enjoy fixing computers and smartphones? If you can do this, you’ll earn more than most on campus because devices are always breaking. Whether it’s the laptop during an assignment or dropping a smartphone on the floor, students always need help with these sorts of things. If you become the go-to person for this niche, money will be easy to come by.

Added Tip: Learn how to repair cracked screens because this is where the real money is earned.

Parking Enforcement

Here is a job for college students that are looking for something with hours that are not the norm. A lot of these shifts are going to be later in the evening into the early morning. Who knows, maybe you will find time to catch up on your studies and get paid at the same time.

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