Life Insurance with Autism

life insurance and autism

Autism (ASD) is as a neurodevelopment disorder. Patients who are considered autistic tend to exhibit repetitive behaviors and trouble with social interaction.

Patients may also exhibit restricted or repetitive behavior that typically manifests itself prior to the age of two.

Autism affects the way information is processed in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect, how this occurs is still largely unknown.

If your considering life insurance for your child you should make the decision while they are still young. If you can get coverage before your child is diagnosed with autism or some other serious health concern, then your child will have access to every company and policy available. Therefore, you should consider a properly designed whole life insurance policy as the best type of coverage for your child, since it comes with many guarantees, including a guaranteed death benefit.

If you or your child has been diagnosed with Autism it is still possible to qualify for the more conventional types of life insurance policies. However, in most cases, burial life insurance and accidental death will be the best option.

At TermLife2Go we specialize in placing those hard to place high risk life insurance applications, which is why we will exhaust every available option to first secure a fully underwritten term or whole life policy first.

In our experiences, we have found that it is often the family members of those suffering from Autism that are looking to secure a life insurance policy for their loved one.  In these cases, the family isn’t necessarily looking for a policy to protect young children, replace lost income or cover the cost of a mortgage rather they just want something in place that would cover final expenses.

In these cases, choosing from among the best final expense and burial insurance companies, that don’t require a medical exam or even ask any medical questions, can be a great fit.  These policies can be taken out by the family for their loved ones so that when the end comes, there will be some financial assistance in place.

Guaranteed issue life insurance policies, will typically be limited to less than $25,000 in coverage and will have some unique features to them that are not typically found in more traditional fully underwritten policies.

Features that you will want to avoid that are common in many commonly advertised guaranteed issue life insurance policies today include:

  • Increasing premium payments throughout the policy.
  • Policy termination at age 80.
  • 3 year “Graded Death Benefit”

For this reason it is important to speak with a professional life insurance agent that will have several different guaranteed issue life insurance policy options to choose from before applying.

About TermLife2Go:

We’re looking for lifetime customers that will recommend their friends and family to us which is why we place customer satisfaction above all else. Let us help you find the right company from dozens of top rated life insurance companies we represent.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Online Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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  1. Mary

    Autism is NOT a disease. Autism is a disorder. If you’re going to write about something, be sure you have the topic correct.

  2. Cathrine

    I am confused in regard to your policy on Autism.
    Isn’t this “Discrimination”
    An autistic person isn’t going to die any different than any one else. No more or no less risk.
    They have needs and feelings like anyone else.
    Many famous people have been autistic.
    Please explain to me why you are not giving them the same insurance rights.

    • TermLife2Go


      We can understand your confusion when it comes to how the life insurance industry views a condition such as Autism, but let us first explain a few things.
      First, in this article, we’re not describing our “policy” or our “views” on Autism, we’re simply explaining how the life insurance industry in general views Autism.

      Additionally, TermLife2Go isn’t an insurance company, we’re simply an insurance brokerage that is able to “sell” different life insurance products offered by different life insurance companies. Which means that even though we may agree with you that Autism isn’t a “life threatening” disease, we simply can’t do anything about how the individual insurance companies feel about the condition.

      Lastly, we think it’s important to also important to point out that purchasing life insurance isn’t like purchasing some other type of product. You see, when it comes to purchasing life insurance, insurance companies are able to legally discriminate on a wide variety of issues.

      Common ways an insurance company will discriminate against someone:

      • Age, older people will generally pay more.
      • Gender, women will usually pay less.
      • Weight, people who have a higher height to weight ratio will generally pay more than those will a lower height to weight ratio.
      • Smoking, smokers will typically pay twice what a non-smoker will pay.
      • Pre-existing medical conditions.
      • Family history.
      • Etc…

      Hopefully this brief explanation will help answer some of your questions, and also help you understand that we here at TermLife2Go work very hard to try and find a life insurance option for everyone, even those who have been diagnosed with Autism.



    • TermLife2Go

      While it is true that some clients who have been diagnosed with autism can qualify for a fully
      underwritten term life insurance policy. The reality is, in general, because there seems
      to have been some “Loosening” of the definition of what it means to be considered “Autistic”,
      insurance underwriters have begun to not immediately deny everyone with a diagnosis of what
      would have been considered in the past as simply having, “Autistic” characteristics.

      However, in most cases, those that would be considered truly “Autistic”, would not be
      eligible for traditional term or whole life insurance policies.

      For these individuals, only what is called a “guaranteed” life insurance
      policy (which are limited to about $25,000 in coverage) and/or an
      accidental death insurance policy (which would only cover your son from
      accidental causes of death such as slip and fall, motor vehicle accidents
      and things of that nature) would be possible.

      Unfortunately, most guaranteed life insurance products simply are not
      available for those under the age of 45, and when considering life
      insurance in general, most people aren’t interested in just being covered
      for accidents. So assuming your son is not 45 years of age or older, we just don’t have any
      coverage to offer him right now

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