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Alex Enabnit
Licensed Life Insurance Agent/Staff Writer

Alex is a licensed life insurance agent who has appeared on Yahoo Finance, HealthPopuli, and Good Morning Arizona. He writes factual, useful, and occasionally amusing articles about life insurance. Believe it or not, he enjoys researching the intricacies of life insurance and helping people choose the best policies for their specific needs—almost as much as he enjoys kayaking and long hikes.

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Alex Enabnit
Last Updated: several months ago We’ve updated Protective’s section to include its new 35- and 40-year term lengths. We took
Captive agents with high turnover make this otherwise solid insurer a good option only if you research coverage beforehand. Term
Disability insurance provides income when you’ve been injured or come down with an illness that keeps you from working your
Most disability policies cover you if you’re unable to work due to either an injury or sickness, and COVID-19 certainly
In the face of the current coronavirus pandemic, life insurance sales are higher than usual. However, between the novelty of
Popular for final expense insurance sponsored by Alex Trebek, Colonial Penn offers non-level term and whole life policies too. Term
(NOT VISIBLE TO USER) PAGE ANCHOR: #Definition What is the purpose of disability insurance? Disability insurance helps replace some of