Great “No Medical Exam” Life Insurance Options for Armour Thyroid Users!

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In general, you’re really not going to see your prescription of Armour thyroid play a role in your life insurance application regardless of whether you’re applying for a term life insurance policy or a whole life insurance policy.  This is because for the most part, Armour thyroid is typically used to help treat hypothyroidism and goiters, two non-life threatening medical conditions.

About Armour Thyroid.

Armour thyroid or dried thyroid is a prescription medication that consists of a combination of hormones that are normally produced by the thyroid gland to regulate the body’s energy and metabolism levels.

Armour thyroid is generally used to treat those who do not produce enough natural hormones on their own.

Medical conditions treated by Armour thyroid.


A goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland.  It is not cancer, and can occur in a gland that is producing too much hormone (hyperthyroidism), too little hormone (hypothyroidism), or the correct amount of hormone (euthyroidism).

Additionally, being diagnosed with a goiter, should not have any affect on your life insurance application.


A condition that results due to an underactive thyroid gland that is characterized by weight gain, a feeling of general lethargy, and an increased susceptibility to “feeling” cold.

Main take away:

Having a pre-existing condition like a goiter or hypothyroidism that requires the prescription of Armour thyroid should not play a factor in life insurance application.

Meaning that….

You should still be eligible for a “preferred” or “preferred plus” rate class assuming that you don’t have any other pre-existing conditions that could potentially affect your life insurance application.

That being said, insurance companies are going to ask a lot of different questions to determine what you overall health.

Questions such as:

  1. Age.
  2. Height and weight?
  3. Have you been diagnosed with any other pre-existing medical conditions?
  4. Have you ever been diagnosed by a medical doctor with cancer, heart disease, stroke, or diabetes?
  5. Has any of your immediate family members including mother, father, brother, sister, ever been diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, stroke, or diabetes?
  6. In the past 12 months have you used any tobacco or nicotine products?
  7. Are you currently working?
  8. In the past 12 months have you applied for or received any form or disability benefits?
  9. Do you anticipate traveling outside the United States on business or vacation in the next 2 years?
  10. Have you ever applied for bankruptcy?
  11. Do you anticipate participating in any dangerous hobbies or activities? Activities such as sky diving, rock climbing, bungie jumping?
  12. Do you have any issues with your driving record?
  13. Have you ever received a DUI?
  14. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor?

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into determining what rate class you’ll be able to qualify for when applying for a life insurance policy.


For folks that are pretty healthy, a No Medical Exam Life Insurance policy might be a great way to:

  • Find a great term or whole life insurance policy without having to take a medical exam.
  • Avoid having to have wait for a nurse to come to their home or office to get a blood and urine sample.
  • And get insured within 24-48 hours without having to wait weeks to get insured with a policy that requires taking a medical exam.

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Lastly, for those who would like to get an idea about how much their life insurance might cost before speaking with an agent, we would recommend that they check out our Whole Life Insurance Quotes page when you have a few moments to spare.

And since we still have your attention…

It’s fair to say that most people who decide to purchase a life insurance policy do so that they can protect their loved one’s financial future in the event of their death.

But what happens if you get sick but don’t die?

Is your family’s financial future still protected?  Probably not.  Which is why we would encourage you to also take a look at the following articles which will discuss some other “types” of life insurance policies that can not only protect your family’s financial future, they could also significantly help our your own as well.