Great Life Insurance Tips for Amitriptyline Users!

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When it comes to determining what affect Amitriptyline is going to have on your life insurance application, it’s mainly going to boil down to the severity of the depression that you’re treating.

About Amitriptyline:

Amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant that works to correct the chemical imbalances in the brain that are believed to cause depression.

Now since Amitriptyline isn’t just limited to those suffering from mild depression, insurance companies are going to what to know the severity of your condition prior to making a decision on whether or not to offer coverage for either a traditional term life insurance policy or a whole life insurance policy.

Ways an insurance company will learn about your condition:

When it comes to learning about the severity of your condition, life insurance companies will generally:

  • Consider what medications that you’re taking.
  • Order medical records from your doctor.
  • And ask a series of questions designed to learn more about you’re overall health.


During the application process, it is standard procedure for any fully underwritten term or whole life insurance policy application to include what is called a “prescription database report”.  In this report, insurance companies will have access to every and all prescription medications that you’ve been prescribed including the dosage in most cases.

Meaning that right from the start, the insurance companies will pretty much know everything about your prescription medication history without you ever needing to do anything.

Medical Records:

In addition to ordering prescription medication records, insurance companies may also request copies of your medical records.  Now if requested by the insurance company, all requests (and fees) will be handled (paid for) by the insurance carrier themselves.

It should also be noted that if you find that your records are being requested during your application process, you shouldn’t necessarily consider this a bad thing, in many cases its simple a standard procedure given the type of coverage being sought.

Application questions:

Lastly, assuming that you’re working with an experienced agent who will have a general idea regarding what an insurance underwriter will be looking for when determining the severity of one’s depression, you’ll also probably be asked a series of questions that will sounds something like:

  1. When were you first diagnosed with depression?
  2. Was there an event that took place in your life that initiated you receiving treatment (situational depression)?
  3. How long have you been treating your depression?
  4. How has the been going? Do you feel better?
  5. What medications other than Amitriptyline to treat your depression?
  6. Has your depression affected any of your daily activities?
  7. Are you currently working?
  8. In the past 12 months, have you applied for or received any type of disability benefits?
  9. Who originally prescribed your Amitriptyline, your primary care doctor, or a psychiatrist?
  10. Have you ever been hospitalized for your depression?
  11. Have you ever thought about or attempted suicide?

For us here at TermLife2Go since we won’t have access (nor do we wish to have access) to your medical records or your prescription medication report, we simply ask these types of questions so that we can get a general “feel” for your conditions and then use this information to help guide us towards the right life insurance policy/company for you.

The main take away…

For folks who are applying for life insurance while taking Amitriptyline is to be completely open and honest about all of the medications that you’re taking as well as the history of their condition.  This way it will give you agent here at TermLife2Go the best opportunity to find a great company that will accept your application at a great rate!

So what are you waiting for?  Just give us a call and see just what we can do for you!

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And since we still have your attention…

It’s fair to say that most people who decide to purchase a life insurance policy do so that they can protect their loved one’s financial future in the event of their death.

But what happens if you get sick but don’t die?

Is your family’s financial future still protected?  Probably not.  Which is why we would encourage you to also take a look at the following articles which will discuss some other “types” of life insurance policies that can not only protect your family’s financial future, they could also significantly help our your own as well.

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