Amenorrhea and Life Insurance.

Every now and then, we here at TermLife2Go will encounter an applicant  with a pre-existing medical condition that will force us to write about a topic which we never really considered before, and in this case, the topic is amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea defined:

Amenorrhea is defined as the absence of menstruation.  More specifically, its defined as the absence of three menstrual cycle in a row.

Additionally, girls who haven’t begun menstruation by the age of 15 will also be described as being amenorrhoeic.

Now you may be asking yourself…

Why would the lack of menstruating be an issue for a life insurance company?

And the truth is, in most cases, being amenorrhoeic isn’t going to be an issue when applying for life insurance quote.  This is why, amenorrhoeic applicants are still often times eligible for both Preferred and Preferred Plus rate classes.  In fact, in many cases they can also qualify for a no medical exam life insurance policy as well.

But this does not mean that…

Insurance companies aren’t going to want to determine why someone has become or is amenorrhoeic.  You see, even though being amenorrhoeic may not be a big deal when it comes to the outcome of your life insurance application, what’s causing you to be amenorrhoeic could!

Common causes of amenorrhea will include:

    • Which won’t necessarily be an issue unless you are in your 9th month, however one should be aware that due to possible weight increase, you could potentially end up paying more for your coverage than you would otherwise pay were you not currently pregnant.
    • Breast Feeding.
    • Should not be a reason for concern, however most life insurance companies will want to make sure that you are 6 months out from your delivery date prior to accepting your life insurance application.
    • Caused by an underactive thyroid gland which can cause menstrual irregularities, including amenorrhea. Your cause of hypothyroidism will need to be determined prior to being approved for life insurance, and assuming your hypothyroidism is under control, you should still theoretically be eligible for a Preferred or Preferred Plus rate class.
    • Eating Disorders.
    • Eating disorders can also be a likely cause of amenorrhea which can include both anorexia and/or bulimia.

Now, it’s not like an…

Insurance company is going to just flat out ask you if you are experiencing regular menstruation periods, but what they will do is use your life insurance application to “gleam” information that may lead to an insurance underwriter wondering if you are in fact amenorrhoeic.

For example…

During a typical fully underwritten term or whole life insurance application, applicant will generally need to:

  • Take a medical exam.
  • Answer a series of medical questions.
  • Allow the insurance company to order a prescription data base check on you so that they can see what prescription medications have been prescribed to you.
  • As well as potentially release your medical records to the insurance companies as well.

(They’ll also generally run a criminal background check as well as a DMV check but for the purposes of our discussion here, these really don’t apply.)

Now from your medical exam, your prescription database check and your medical records, insurance companies are going to be able to discover:

  • Your current height and weight. Which will provide insight on any potential eating disorders.
  • Your prescription medication history. Which will provide clues into any existing or pre-existing medical conditions such as hypothryroidism.
  • As well as get additional clues into your overall health status, such as:
    • Do you use any tobacco or nicotine products?
    • Do you have and drug or narcotics in your system?
    • What your A1C blood sugar levels are.
    • What your cholesterol levels are.
    • What your blood pressure levels are.
    • Any potential issues regarding your kidney and liver functioning.
    • As well as screen for the presence of the HIV virus.

Which is why…

Even if your amenorrhoeic now, there’s still a really good chance that you’ll still be eligible to qualify for a Preferred or Preferred Plus rate class, you’ll just need to meet all of the other requirements as well.

Now the good news is…

That if you choose to apply for life insurance coverage with TermLife2Go, you’ll be doing so with an insurance brokerage that has access to dozens of different insurance carriers offering fully underwritten and simplified issue life insurance policies as well as guaranteed issue policies as well.


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