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AIG Direct Reviews and Matrix Direct Reviews

AIG Direct Reviews and Matrix Direct Reviews

Finding the best company at the best price requires choices. Matrix Direct and/or AIG Direct Life Insurance offers customers over 10 choices. At TermLife2Go, we work with dozens of top rated life insurance companies, representing both exam and no medical exam life insurance. The key with representing so many carriers is knowing what specific advantage each company has over a competitor. This is the TermLife2Go difference.

2016 Matrix Direct and AIG Direct Reviews

Over the years of offering life insurance online, we have often had conversations with clients about one of our largest online competitors: AIG Direct (also less well known as Matrix Direct). For this reason, we decided that we would provide a quick breakdown on what we believe are the biggest strengths and weaknesses of AIG Direct.

Disclaimer: TermLife2Go is a direct competitor of MatrixDirect.com and AIGDirect.com

AIG Direct Reviews and Matrix Direct Reviews

The positives to working with AIG Direct or Matrix Direct

Created in 1995 in an effort to help folks find a better way to buy life insurance protection for their families, Matrix Direct has been a leader in providing just that. By mastering a straightforward and convenient approach to getting individuals insured, Matrix Direct has now helped just over 6 million people get the life insurance they need!

Their approach is simple, provide customers with valuable, in-depth and personalized life insurance information in a pressure free setting and then let them determine which option will best meet their needs.

In 1999, Protective Life acquired Matrix Direct. Eight years later, American General, through American International Group, purchased Matrix Direct in 2007. Since then, AIG has been slowly making the change to re-brand by promoting AIGDirect over MatrixDirect.

If it sounds as though we at TermLife2Go are impressed with AIG Direct as whole, you’re right! There are many aspects of the Matrix Direct/AIG Direct business model that we have specifically built our agency around.

Quality Aspects about AIG Direct:

AIG Direct has more than one life insurance company to choose from

Any fair review of AIG Direct will point out that the company truly does provide some great life insurance options. Currently Matrix Direct AIG Direct represents 10 different life insurance companies (American General, Gerber Life Insurance, Fidelity Life, Globe Life, Prudential, TransAmerica, VOYA ReliaStar ING, Legal and General, Mutual of Omaha and SBLI). Which is great, because when it comes to getting the best deal on life insurance, having options is where it’s at!

No Fees

Matrix Direct AIG Direct does not charge a fee for the service offered. In fact, all of the top life insurance agencies that we know of do not charge a fee. Any and all income is generated solely from placing life insurance policies. The income is then paid by the insurance carrier to the agency.

Ok… So now that we’ve covered the positives, are there any negatives to working with AIG Direct?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, AIGDirect.Com is a great company. Which is why TermLife2Go was specifically designed to operate like a miniature AIGDirect, with just a few exceptions. Exceptions that we don’t feel reflect negatively on Matrix Direct, but rather, simply make TermLife2Go a better option for many individuals.

No Exam Term Life Insurance

One potential downside to working with Matrix Direct (AIG Direct) that we did find is that Matrix Direct (AIG Direct) didn’t seem to focus on what we feel is the new trend in the life insurance industry, mainly “No Medical Exam Term and Whole Life Insurance” options.

Now aside from the fact that these “No medical exam” options can really speed up the process of getting insured (coverage in 1 hour vs 30 days), there are also many other reasons to consider a no medical exam term life insurance policy.

You may also want to take just a moment to watch our No medical exam video, for a quick highlight of why choosing a no medical exam term life insurance policy might be right for you.

So you may ask yourself… “If TermLife2Go offers most of the same carriers as AIG Direct, they just like to compare those companies with no medical exam options as well, why doesn’t AIG Direct do the same?”

Which is a great question, and to be honest with you, they’re probably going to be doing so shortly. The problem is, like with any large organization, change is difficult.

Matrix Direct typically employs around 100 life insurance agents, which means, if they want to suddenly offer a new product, that product is going to have to….

  1. Be mastered by their training department.
  2. Be mastered by all their sales managers.
  3. Then begin the process of training over 100 different agents on when and where it should be offered to the client.

Not an easy task when you’re talking about dozens of new products each year!

At TermLife2Go, this process is simplified simply because of our size!  We’re not trying to train over 100 agents each and every month and we don’t need to insure 1000’s of people each and every month to be successful.

We’re just a small agency trying to do the best for our clients.

SelectQuote Reviews 2016Here is our challenge to you and we hope you accept it…

  1. Call AIG Direct.com and get a quote…. And when you do so… try not to get your life insurance on your first call.
  2. Then give us a call at TermLife2Go… And also, don’t purchase the life insurance on the first call.

Then, after speaking with both agencies, ask yourself who you feel will provide the best service for you and your family.

Give us a call today and experience the TermLife2Go difference!

And don’t forget to prepare for you exam by reading our articles on exploring what life insurance medical exams test for and 6 tips to ace your life insurance medical exam.

Thank you for reading our article, Matrix Direct Insurance Reviews. Please leave any questions or comments below.

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