Aegon Insurance Company Review 2018

review of Aegon insurance company

Aegon provides services including retirement plan basics, health insurance basics, and of course, our favorite: life insurance. Aegon has a few interesting options for life insurance customers like you. In the United States, Aegon operates under the name of TransAmerica.

Aegon Insurance Company Review

About Aegon

170 years ago, way back in the mid 1800s, Aegon first opened its doors. Today, it’s a large international company operating in four continents: the Americas, Europe and Asia. With its headquarters in The Hague Netherlands, Aegon employees more than 31,500 employees across the globe. It is listed on Euronext and the New York Stock Exchange.

Aegon U.S. Brands include:
  • Transamerica Life Insurance Company
  • Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company
  • Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company

Our Top Ten Lists

Aegon TransAmerica ranks as one of our favorite companies. In fact, Transamerica makes our top 10 life insurance companies and best life insurance for seniors lists.

You can click the following to compare Transamerica life insurance quotes with other top rated carriers.

Aegon Ratings

Aegon has been granted consistently good ratings by all of the major ratings agencies in the United States. Their track record with ratings agencies should be reassuring to any potential Aegon customer:

Aegon USA Ratings:
  • A.M. Best: A+
  • S&P Global: A-
  • Moody’s: A1
  • Fitch: A+

All of these ratings are good and show that the company has a solid reputation and a stable future ahead. These ratings were all given to Aegon in 2017.

Products offered by Aegon

  • Life Insurance
  • Individual Savings and Retirement
  • Pensions
  • Asset Management

Life Insurance Products offered by Aegon

In the United States, Aegon offers a wide range of different types of life insurance policies under the name TransAmerica, including:

Level Term Life Insurance:
Specific Term Life Insurance policies:
  • Trendsetter Super: The rate stays the same throughout your term. You can also get an accelerated death benefit if your policy is more than $50,000
  • Trendsetter Living Benefits: This life insurance policy offers you an accelerated death benefit should you incur an eligible illness.
Whole Life Insurance:

Compare Term Life vs Whole Life Insurance Quotes

Universal Life Insurance:
  • Premium payment flexibility
  • Flexible death benefit that can be lowered or increased
  • Lasts your entire lifetime, so long as you continue to pay premiums
  • Indexed Universal Life allows participation in major indices with guaranteed floor to protect against loss.
Variable Universal Life Insurance:
  • Fees not associated with other life insurance policies
  • Potential to grow your money through investment
  • Like any investment with possible high returns, there is also a possibility to lose money

Overall Assessment of Aegon

Aegon and now Transamerica have been offering life insurance policies at an affordable rate for over a century. It’s a reliable life insurance company with good ratings. Anyone who decides to get a life insurance policy from Transamerica will probably be satisfied. They will receive good customer service and probably likely have little to no complaints about the company overall.

Should I buy a life insurance policy from Transamerica?

As we said, if you decide to purchase a life insurance policy from Transamerica, chances are, you will be happy and content with what you receive. As a stable company, they deliver a quality product time and time again. However, whether or not you should buy a policy from Transamerica…well, we can only tell you that after we get to know you.

What does TermLife2Go need to know about me in order to tell me if Transamerica is right for me?

While we do endorse Aegon/Transamerica as a great life insurance company, TermLife2Go will only recommend a life insurance company after we know if they truly are best for you. In order to do that, we need some basic information about you, including but not limited to:

  • Medical history
  • Genetic predispositions
  • Current health
  • Past procedures including elective and required surgery
  • Current and past medications
  • Career
  • Family life
  • Hobbies
  • Smoker or Non-smoker
  • Alcohol & drug consumption

As you can see, we really get to know you before we tell you if a life insurance company is good for you. That’s because these are things a life insurance company like Transamerica will need to know before they give you a health classification for any life insurance policy they may underwrite. The thing is, some life insurance companies will assess certain aspects of your life as risky whereas another life insurance company may see it as a minor risk.

For example, one life insurance company will see moderate alcohol consumption as no big deal, but another may see it as a risk if you have heart problems.

All of these factors combined help determine the rate of your life insurance policy.

After we find out this information, we then assess it against the information we have about dozens of the top life insurance companies in the United States—including Aegon Transamerica.

If, after all that, we think Transamerica is the best life insurance company for you, then we will tell you to definitely buy a life insurance policy from them. However, if we think that another life insurance company can offer you a better life insurance policy and a more affordable rate, then we’ll tell you that, too.

Either way, we always keep your best interests at the heart of everything.

Want to know if Transamerica Aegon is the best life insurance company for you? Call TermLife2Go today for a free consultation.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Online Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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