Terrific Life Insurance for Acid Reflux Sufferers!

Life Insurance with acid reflux (Gerd).

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Life Insurance with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

Three important questions you need to ask if your are applying for life insurance with acid reflux or (GERD) are:

  1. Can I get life insurance if I have acid reflux or GERD?
  2. What will it cost for life insurance with acid reflux or GERD?
  3. What is the process of obtaining life insurance with acid reflux or GERD?

Let’s begin with a brief overview.

One of the most important factors an underwriter looks at when approving a client for life insurance with acid reflux is how severe the condition is. This brief overview will go over acid reflux and GERD and shed some light on what it is and its affects.

Acid reflux (also known as heart burn) or Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) occurs when stuff in the stomach (food or liquid) leaks backwards from the stomach into the esophagus, irritating the esophagus, causing heartburn and other symptoms. GERD is chronic acid reflux. Common medications include Aciphex, Pepcid AC, Prilosec, Tagamet, Zantac, and Nexium.

If it’s not controlled, GERD can cause serious issues to develop, including erosive esophagitis, esophageal bleeding, and Barrett’s esophagus, which may lead to you being labelled high risk life insurance.

Erosive esophagitis is when chronic acid reflux (GERD) causes extensive damage to the esophagus.

With Barret’s esophagus, the tissue lining the esophagus changes to resemble the tissue of the stomach. This change in the lining of the esophagus puts people with Barret’s esophagus at an increase risk of a rare cancer called adenocarcinoma.

Can I get life insurance with acid reflux or (GERD)?

Most assuredly, Yes!

Ultimately, approval for life insurance with acid reflux or GERD will depend upon the severity of the condition, how well it is being controlled and for how long.

If you are taking over the counter medication and your acid reflux is well controlled, you could qualify for a preferred best or preferred plus rate class.

If you take a prescription medication, and your acid reflux is well controlled, you may still qualify for the preferred best but many people fall into a preferred rate class.

If your symptoms are worse or you have been diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus, then acquiring life insurance will be more difficult. Most likely, the best rate class you can get with mild Barrett’s esophagus or erosive esophagitis would be a standard rate class. Many client’s with Barret’s esophagus or erosive esophagitis qualify at a table B or C rate class. The more severe cases of Barret’s esophagus or erosive esophagitis may be declined.

For client’s with more severe cases, burial insurance from the top final expense or burial insurance companies might be your only option.

What is the cost of life insurance with acid reflux or GERD?

Life insurance companies have about 16 different rate classes. Depending on the different types of life insurance policies you choose, the rate class you qualify for will also determine your cost.

Most well controlled clients will come back at a preferred to preferred plus rate class (assuming you have no other health issues). This means that a person with mild acid reflux can qualify for the best rate class, which means that clients with acid reflux can qualify for the cheapest life insurance rates available!

If you are curious what your price tag would be, simply enter your information and see what a preferred plus or preferred rate class would be for your age and gender. Obviously, if you have other health issues or pre-existing conditions you may not be considered a preferred or preferred plus risk. If you have any questions we are here to help.

What is the process?

Some clients looking for life insurance with acid reflux or GERD may be better served with a non medical life insurance policy. All you have to do is answer a series of questions about your health and lifestyle. There is no paramedical exam required. See, Term life insurance: exam v. no exam.

If you have no other health issues and you believe your blood work will come back excellent, then the best route for clients applying for life insurance with acid reflux is a fully underwritten life insurance policy. This type of policy requires a life insurance medical exam. The examiner typically comes to your home and checks your height and weight and takes a small blood and urine sample. Your lab results are then processed and the life insurance carrier. The carrier may request physician statements and look into your medical records. The carrier will also do a prescription database check to see what medications you are currently taking and have taken in the past. An underwriter will then assess your “risk” level and give you a rate class assigned to your specific risk. Your assigned agent at TermLife2Go will then follow up with you and let you know of your approval.

The entire process is handled by us so you can just sit back and wait for the life insurance carrier to complete your file. Speaking of life insurance carriers, not all life insurance carriers are the same when it comes to underwriting acid reflux!

Not all life insurance carriers are the same.

The life insurance industry is just like every other industry out there.  Competition is constantly driving insurance carriers to compete for your business.  As a result, carriers take on “niches” in an effort to earn market share. It is important to know these niches and it is important the agency you chose has the freedom to choose from multiple life insurance carriers.

Some carriers do not consider acid reflux or GERD to be an issue and will give you the best class available. As a consumer, it is in your best interest to work with an agency that is not bound to any one carrier and will be able to shop your application to dozens of different companies available.  Only by doing this can you ensure that you are going with the best life insurance company for underwriting acid reflux or GERD. That is how you achieve the best policy tailored to your specific needs.


By working directly with TermLife2Go you will have an assigned agent dedicated to your application.  This agent will be available to you throughout the entire application process; he or she will provide you with status updates as your application goes through underwriting and will also review your application at time of approval to ensure that you are still getting the best life insurance rates out there!

If for some reason the life insurance carrier you applied with did not give you a fair rate class determined by industry standards, then we will take your exam and re-apply with another company. That way you shop the front end and back end of the life insurance process to make sure you are receiving the best policy at the best price.


Because individuals who have been diagnosed with acid reflux will most likely be eligible for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, we would encourage you to take a look at our Life Insurance Quotes page which will allow you to compare insurance quotes from companies that both do and don’t require a medical exam prior to approval.

So what are you waiting for?  Just give us a call to see just what we can do for you!