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Globe Life Insurance Review – Pros & Cons [Quick Tips]

Globe Life Insurance Review

Disclaimer: We are not Globe Life nor affiliated with Globe Life in any way. When reviewing Globe Life Insurance, it is important to understand that you have options. At TermLife2Go, we work with over 60 of the top rated carriers. You can view some of our favorites by checking out our list of the top ten best life insurance companies and the top ten best no medical exam companies. Finally, for those who are looking for burial or final expense insurance, consider our top ten best final expense companies. Give us a call today @ 866-760-8740 to see what we can do for you.

Before you decide to buy Globe Life life insurance you need to read this review

Are you looking for Globe Life Insurance reviews? People also search for Global Life reviews. Either way, you have come to the right place. Please read on for our Globe Life review covering the positives, the negatives and the alternatives to Globe Life Insurance.

Globe Life Insurance Review – Pros & Cons

Globe Life Insurance Company is at it again. They are sending out there marketing advertising $1 for $50,000 of life insurance for adults. On first glance, that is an awesome deal. You pay $1 and if you die your family gets $50,000. Sign me up. However, as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Let’s investigate.

This Globe Life Insurance review will cover the following:

Globe Life Insurance Reviews

The Positives

Any fair review of Globe Life will start with its strong financial presence and brand image. Globe has been around since 1951. That is a relatively short term as financial companies go but one thing Globe Life has going for it is its A.M. Best rating of A+. A.M. Best is the premier insurance ratings agency and Globe Life has one of its highest marks for financial strength.

Globe Life will lock you into your face amount so you will not have to worry about your $25,000 life insurance policy only paying out $10,000. Your face amount is fixed for the life of your policy. That is great news for someone who is using their life insurance to plan for their burial expenses or to pay off various debts.

Another advantage of Globe is their pricing. Globe Life Insurance rates are competitive price wise. Now there certainly are better deals available but Globeontheweb.com is generally in the ball park so you are not going to be paying that much more for a Globe Life insurance policy.

Globe Life also offers no exam policies. They have just a few health questions. However, you might find that you can get more bang for your buck with an exam policy. Further, there are some non exam policies that are less expensive than Globe. So while this is a positive for Globe, the negative is there are better non exam policies available if you are relatively healthy. See, Exam v. No Exam

Finally, Globe Life has a great brand name because Globe Life is a reliable life insurance company. Although not as widely known as State Farm, Globe Life has done of good job of marketing and protecting their brand name. As a result, many people choose Globe Life for their insurance needs. Unfortunately, there are some negatives that most Globe Life customers do not know.

The Negatives

Let us start by saying that Globe life is not a competitor of TermLife2Go. We are an agency and Globe Life is an actual life insurance company. We represent many companies. Globe Life is simply one of many life insurance companies. With that said…

Many people who go online and search for Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company reviews want to see if Globe Life Insurance is a good company or if Globe Life Insurance is a scam. As we pointed out above, Globe does have some positives and Globe Life is a legitimate company. However, unlike some other Globe Life reviews, we need to point out that Globe Life also has some negatives that you will need to weigh if you are considering buying life insurance through Globe Life or one of its affiliates.

The first and most important negative to point out in this review of Globe Life Insurance is that their primary product they are selling only insures you until age 80. So if you have paid on the policy for 20 or 30 years and you live past age 80, you have just wasted all your money. You will no longer have life insurance and you are now too old to find a life insurance policy. You are basically out of luck.

Another important fact that you need to be aware of is that on Globe’s most popular product, (the Step Rate 80), you can expect your premium to go up every 5 years until age 80. Globe Life structures their life insurance policy to go up at ages 46, 51, 56, 61, 66, 71, 76 and then end at age 80.

So the older you get, the more your life insurance will cost. A premium of $12 today may run in excess of $80 down the road.

That means when you are retired and on a fixed income, your Globe life insurance rates will continue to go up, causing stress to you and your budget. What usually occurs is someone who has a Globe Life life insurance policy where the premium goes up every 5 years cannot afford the policy. So the client ends up having to cancel the policy even before it expired at age 80. Either way, this is not a very good deal.

If you are interested in what actual Globe Life customers think about their life insurance you can visit Pissed Consumer and read through 67 complaints.

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company reviews article update: In our attempt to keep up to date with the current product offering we stopped by Globe Life’s website. The company looks to have made a few changes to the product offering. The term life insurance offered is now a modified premium term-to-age-90 product. The initial term period depends on your age when you start the policy, with ranges from 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years. The product renews every five years like the step rate 80.

The good news about this product is that it last until age 90 instead of age 80. However, the bad news is that like the old product, the premium still goes up every five years. Once again, anyone who locked into this product in hopes of leaving money behind for final expenses or burial might find that they cannot afford the premium payment when they are older and fail to make the payment. This will cause the policy to lapse and there will be no life insurance left even though the insured paid on it for 20 or 30 years. Once again, there are better option available and TermLife2Go can help you find them.

Update as of August 2014:

Spoke with a Globe representative. It turns out Globe Life offers several term products.The company offers a term to age 70, age 80, age 90 and Term to 100. Each term policy ends on the year that it goes to with no renewal. Please realize that there are alternatives to Globe Life that are better priced, that last the rest of your life and that come with a fixed premium instead of a premium that goes up every five years. Give us a call and let us show you what other options are available.

The Alternatives

Your best alternative as a consumer who is seeking out Globe Life reviews because you are shopping for the best price on life insurance is to call an independent life insurance agency, like TermLife2Go. We shop over 60 life insurance carriers. If you call a specific company, such as Globe Life, you are limiting your options to that ONE company. For more tips on finding the best rate please visit our article Top Ten Checklist For Finding the Best Life Insurance Quotes and Rates.

TermLife2Go has access to a variety of products, from Term Life to Universal Life to Whole Life. We understand the complex nuances associated with every product and can fill you in on the important points to be aware of with each company and product. Options are the #1 way to save on the cost of insurance because you can align the right company with your specific health or lifestyle. For example, we have a few specific life insurance companies to choose if you have diabetes. You certainly do not want to choose just any company. That is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition—we focus on the various niches of each top life insurance company.

The bottom line is this: if you are considering Globe Life, why not give us a call and see if we can offer something better. If we cannot find you something better you can always choose Globe Life. However, if we can find a better offer (and most likely we will), we might be able to save you thousands of dollars and lock you into a policy that lasts the rest of your life.

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Do you have a pre-existing condition? Find out how we go the extra mile to get you insured for the best price available. See, TermLife2Go’s 4 Step Process for getting clients with pre-existing conditions approved for life insurance.

Thank you for reading TermLife2Go’s Globe Life and Accident Insurance Review. Please leave any comments or questions below.

Disclaimer: We are not Globe Life Insurance nor do we represent Globe Life.


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